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Scalable Video Technology Linux News

Rav1e 0.3.1 Is 25~40% Faster At Low Speed Levels For...   Multimedia   20 Feb 2020
Intel At CES 2020 Talks Up One Of Their Open-Source...   Intel   06 Jan 2020
A Look At How Some Video Encoders Saw Their...   Multimedia   25 Dec 2019
Intel SVT-AV1 0.8 AV1 Video Encoding Benchmarks   Intel   22 Dec 2019
SVT-AV1 0.8 Brings More AVX2/AVX-512 Optimizations,...   Intel   20 Dec 2019
Intel's SVT-AV1 0.7.5 Released With AVX2 + AVX-512...   Intel   26 Nov 2019
Intel SVT-VP9 Finally Makes Its First Pre-Release For...   Intel   10 Oct 2019
Fresh Video Encode/Decode Benchmark Numbers For Xeon...   Multimedia   28 Sep 2019
SVT-AV1 0.7 Released For Speedy AV1 Video Encoding...   Intel   26 Sep 2019
Intel's H.265 Encoder SVT-HEVC 1.4.1 Released With...   Intel   13 Sep 2019
Intel SVT-AV1 0.6 Released With AV1 Decoding, SIMD...   Intel   03 Jul 2019
Intel's Open-Source SVT-AV1 Video Encoder Ends May...   Intel   30 May 2019
Intel's SVT-AV1 Video Encoder Saw Yet Another...   Multimedia   03 May 2019
Intel To Work On AV1 Decoding Support, FFmpeg /...   Intel   09 Apr 2019
Intel Finally Announces SVT-AV1, To Be Used By Netflix   Intel   08 Apr 2019
SVT-VP9 Is Intel's Latest Open-Source Video Encoder...   Intel   17 Feb 2019
Intel Publishes Open-Source AV1 Video Encoder...   Intel   03 Feb 2019