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Samuel Pitoiset Linux News

Valve Hires X11 Veteran Keith Packard To Work On The...   Valve   14 Mar 2017
Valve Has Another Linux Graphics Driver Developer...   Valve   14 Feb 2017
Valve Has Hired Another Open-Source Linux GPU Driver...   Valve   08 Feb 2018
Nouveau Developers Remain Frustrated By NVIDIA's...   Nouveau   22 Sep 2016
Reverse-Engineering Could Yield A Linux NV...   Nouveau   07 Oct 2013
Mesa 20.1's RADV Lands More Performance Improvements...   Linux Gaming   09 Apr 2020
Mesa's RADV Vulkan Driver Adding Compatibility For Use...   Mesa   21 Feb 2020
Students Are Missing Out On An Incredible Opportunity...   Google   01 Apr 2017
RADV Vulkan Driver Adds Option For Zeroing Out Video...   Mesa   20 Feb 2020
Nouveau: Mesa 13.0 vs. 17.0 vs. 17.1-devel OpenGL...   Nouveau   11 Feb 2017
RADV Vulkan Driver Should Now Work Much Better With...   Radeon   09 Jun 2018
RADV Vulkan Driver Improvements Coming For Wolfenstein...   WINE   24 Feb 2018
Libpciaccess Ported To Windows To Help Nouveau   Nouveau   28 Jan 2014
Samuel Pitoiset Takes To More RadeonSI/Mesa...   Mesa   15 Jun 2017
AMD's Marek Olšák Is Dominating Mesa Open-Source GPU...   Mesa   12 Sep 2018
A Valve Linux Developer Managed Another Small...   Mesa   23 Mar 2018
Former Nouveau GSoC Developer Now Working For Valve On...   Valve   23 Dec 2016
Bindless Textures Land In Mesa Git For RadeonSI   Mesa   14 Jun 2017
Mesa 19.0 RADV Vulkan Driver Gets New Fixes To Help...   Mesa   13 Dec 2018
Valve's Mesa Developers Continue Tuning KHR_no_error...   Mesa   01 Jun 2017
Mesa Development Activity Was Up By ~20% In 2019, Just...   Mesa   03 Jan 2020
RADV Vulkan Driver Begins Wiring Up Support For...   Radeon   28 Feb 2020
Improved Kepler Performance Metrics For Nouveau   Nouveau   05 Dec 2015
RADV Vulkan Driver Makes A Few More Improvements For...   Radeon   17 Feb 2020
RADV Vulkan Driver Lands Transform Feedback For Mesa...   Mesa   29 Oct 2018
A Green & Open Christmas: GL 4.3 For...   Nouveau   23 Dec 2016
Nouveau Exposes Performance Counters For Maxwell   Nouveau   10 Nov 2016
Radeon "sisched" Scheduler Is Made Obsolete...   Radeon   13 Feb 2020
RADV Gets Support For 32-bit GPU Pointers For User...   Mesa   19 May 2018
Valve Has Been Working On A HUD For The RADV Vulkan...   Mesa   24 Sep 2018
Initial Work Towards ARB_bindless_texture Support...   Mesa   07 May 2017
DXVK Already Lands Vulkan Transform Feedback Support,...   Vulkan   13 Oct 2018
RADV Lands Another Fast Clear Optimization, Helping An...   Radeon   19 Nov 2018
Gallium3D's Nouveau Lands...   Nouveau   07 Oct 2016
Mesa RFC Changes To Help Worms WMD, Tropico 5 &...   Mesa   10 Feb 2017
RADV Vulkan Driver To Enable Vega Primitive Binning By...   Radeon   15 Nov 2018
ARB_bindless_texture Patches Posted For RadeonSI...   Radeon   19 May 2017
AMD Vega 12 GPU Support Lands In Mesa 18.1-devel   Mesa   28 Mar 2018
Nouveau Fermi Gets OpenGL 4.2 Support Flipped On   Nouveau   21 May 2016
RADV SQTT Profiling Support Expanded To Support...   Radeon   02 Mar 2020
RADV's Next-Gen Geometry Code Continues To Be Revised...   Radeon   13 Jan 2020
RadeonSI ARB_bindless_texture Revised, Nearly Ready...   Radeon   09 Jun 2017
RADV Vulkan Driver Finally Picking Up 16-Bit Integer...   Radeon   14 Sep 2018
OpenGL Compute Shader Support Lands For Nouveau GK104...   Nouveau   01 Apr 2016
RADV Vulkan Driver Picks Up Memory Budget Information...   Mesa   15 Jan 2019
VK_KHR_maintenance2 Lands For RADV, Other Improvements   Radeon   06 Oct 2017
Nouveau NVC0 Appears Ready With OpenGL 4.2 Support For...   Nouveau   26 Apr 2016
KHR_no_error Improvements Hit Mesa Ahead Of Dawn of...   Mesa   07 Jun 2017
Compute Shader Code Begins Landing For Gallium3D   Mesa   13 Feb 2016
Pitoiset Prepping Bindless Textures For Mesa   Mesa   11 Apr 2017
Another Minor Performance Optimization For RADV   Radeon   12 Oct 2017
Nouveau NV50 Gets Basic Compute Support, A Step...   Nouveau   15 Nov 2015
Performance Counter Improvements On The Way For...   Nouveau   16 Oct 2015
Patches Published For Nouveau Compute Support On...   Nouveau   27 Feb 2016
Remaining RADV Vulkan Driver Bugs for Vega Being...   Vulkan   05 Dec 2017
Maxwell OpenGL Improvements Coming To Nouveau   Nouveau   18 Jul 2016
More RADV Radeon Vulkan Optimizations Are In The Works   Mesa   08 Nov 2017
RADV Picks Up A Performance Boost For id Tech...   Radeon   28 Apr 2020
Patches Published For Taking Nouveau Fermi Support Up...   Nouveau   14 May 2016
NVIDIA Performance Counters Headed To Linux 4.2   Linux Kernel   16 Jun 2015
RADV Finally Picking Up Support For Conservative...   Radeon   12 Sep 2018
RADV Vulkan Driver Manages Launch-Day Support For AMD...   AMD   07 Jul 2019
Mesa Is On Track Again To See More Than 10,000 Commits...   Mesa   07 Aug 2017
More Nouveau GL4 Feature Patches Published   Nouveau   13 Feb 2016
Core Compute Shader Support Under Review For Gallium3D   Nouveau   24 Jan 2016
RADV In Mesa 18.1 Git Receiving New Vulkan Extension...   Radeon   29 Mar 2018
Nouveau Patches Round Out OpenGL 4.1 Support For...   Nouveau   26 Jul 2016
RADV Vulkan Driver Gets Minor CPU Overhead Reductions,...   Radeon   09 Jul 2018
RADV Vulkan Driver Gets Patches For...   Mesa   19 Mar 2019
Nouveau Lands GL_AMD_Performance_Monitor Support   Nouveau   05 May 2015
RADV Will Now Enable "Sisched" For The Talos...   Radeon   14 Nov 2017
Vega Gets Its Last Fix For Dawn of War III On Linux...   Radeon   20 Feb 2018
Valve & RADV Developers Are Topping Contributions...   Mesa   01 Apr 2018
ARB_bindless_texture Updated For RadeonSI Gallium3D   Radeon   30 May 2017
OpenGL 4.3 Lands For Maxwell With Nouveau Gallium3D,...   Mesa   12 Jan 2017
Nouveau NVC0 Preps For OpenGL 4.5 / GLSL 4.5   Mesa   09 Oct 2016
AMDGPU Winsys Gets Minor Optimization From Pitoiset   Mesa   30 Jan 2017
RADV Vulkan Driver Lands Out-of-Order Rasterization...   Radeon   04 Apr 2018
The Top Mesa News Of 2017   Mesa   03 Dec 2017
Nouveau NVC0 Compute Shader Support Is On For GTK110+...   Nouveau   10 May 2016
RADV Vulkan Driver Picks Up Fixes For Vega M Hardware   Radeon   13 Jun 2019
RADV Driver Patches Revive...   Mesa   20 Dec 2018
RADV Re-Enables NGG Geometry Shader Support   Mesa   30 Jan 2020
100+ More KHR_no_error Patches, Might Help Some Games   Mesa   21 Jul 2017
RADV's Iffy 16-bit Integer Support Merged Into Mesa   Mesa   18 Sep 2018
Radeon RADV Driver Merge Request Opened To Use ACO By...   Radeon   15 Jun 2020
RADV Enables OoO Rasterization By Default For A 1%...   Radeon   02 May 2018
Mesa Is About To Crack 2.7 Million Lines   Mesa   29 Apr 2019
Nouveau NVC0 Enables Compute Support For Fermi GPUs   Mesa   08 Nov 2015
VK_KHR_8bit_storage Gets Wired Into Intel's ANV Vulkan...   Intel   09 Jul 2018
Compute Shader Support Patches For NVIDIA Fermi On...   Nouveau   06 Feb 2016
The State of Compute Shaders For Gallium3D Drivers   AMD   19 Jan 2016
RADV's Navi Support Gets Patches For Vulkan Transform...   Mesa   24 Jul 2019
Better Hang Detection For The RADV Vulkan Driver   Radeon   12 Sep 2017
Nouveau-PerfKit Still Being Worked On, Perf Counter...   Nouveau   10 Oct 2014
NVIDIA/Nouveau PerfKit Implemented Over Gallium3D...   Nouveau   02 Jun 2015
Radeon "RADV" Vulkan Driver Adds...   Mesa   19 Jun 2020
Mesa 17.3 By The Numbers   Mesa   24 Oct 2017
RADV Has Cleared Out Its F1 2017 Vulkan Driver Bugs   Radeon   19 Dec 2017
NVIDIA Performance Counters Still Coming Along For...   Nouveau   20 Sep 2015