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Sacred Articles & Reviews

LGP Introduces Linux Game Copy Protection   Linux Gaming   23 Jun 2008
Sacred: Gold Enters Beta On Linux   Linux Gaming   22 Jun 2008

Sacred Linux News

Fedora 35 Aims For Better Experience Running Vintage...   Fedora   17 May 2021
Fedora Shifting Their Git Repositories To...   Fedora   21 Dec 2020
Linux Game Publishing Remains Down For The Count   Linux Gaming   05 May 2015
Linux Game Publishing Shuts Down PenguinPlay   Linux Gaming   24 Feb 2013
LGP Begins Pushing Their Outdated Crap In Ubuntu   Linux Gaming   31 Aug 2012
LGP Gets Into Game Downloading, Rentals   Linux Gaming   02 Jun 2009
Bandits: Phoenix Rising Finally Gets A New Beta   Linux Gaming   07 Mar 2009
Sacred Gold On Linux Has Gone Gold   Linux Gaming   06 Mar 2009
LGP's Jets 'n' Guns Gone Gold   Linux Gaming   02 Dec 2008
Updates On Sacred, X3, Shadowgrounds   Linux Gaming   23 Oct 2008
LGP Porting Jets 'n' Guns To Linux   Linux Gaming   10 Oct 2008
X3 Game For Linux Still In Development   Linux Gaming   27 Jul 2008
LGP's "X3: Reunion" Nears Completion   Linux Gaming   13 Jun 2008
LGP Readies Sacred Gold Beta   Linux Gaming   30 May 2008