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SYCL Linux News

Intel Compute Runtime 19.40.14409 Adds "Early...   Intel   11 Oct 2019
Intel Tiger Lake Support Lands In Their NEO...   Intel   06 Oct 2019
Intel SYCL Compiler + Runtimes 2019-09 Released   Intel   25 Sep 2019
Intel SYCL Compiler/Runtimes Updated With Unified...   Intel   15 Aug 2019
Intel's OpenCL "NEO" Linux Driver Stack...   Intel   31 Jul 2019
Intel's LLVM-Based SYCL Compiler Continues Taking...   Intel   26 Jul 2019
Intel Developing "Data Parallel C++" As Part...   Intel   19 Jun 2019
Intel Graphics Continues Seeing A Lot Of User Interest...   Intel   29 May 2019
Intel Open-Source 19.19.12968 Compute Runtime Released   Intel   22 May 2019
hipSYCL Gets New Compilation Toolchain For Taking SYCL...   Programming   14 May 2019
Intel Is Looking For Feedback On Their Open-Source...   Intel   29 Apr 2019
Intel Continues Working On Their SYCL Compiler For...   LLVM   29 Apr 2019
Intel Xe Graphics Being Part Of The First US Exascale...   Intel   19 Mar 2019
Nouveau NIR Support Lands In Mesa 19.1 Git   Nouveau   17 Mar 2019
A Big Patch Could Yield Big Performance Benefits For...   LLVM   15 Mar 2019
Khronos Continues Working On Better OpenCL + LLVM...   LLVM   08 Mar 2019
The First Baby Step Towards Intel's SYCL Support In...   LLVM   25 Feb 2019
Intel's Initial Open-Source, LLVM-Based SYCL Compiler...   Intel   28 Jan 2019
Intel Looking To Add SYCL Programming Support To...   Intel   11 Jan 2019
Intel Developing "oneAPI" For Optimized Code...   Intel   12 Dec 2018
David Airlie's LPC2018 Presentation On An...   Linux Events   03 Dec 2018
Red Hat Developers Working Towards A Vendor-Neutral...   Red Hat   17 Nov 2018
Codeplay Outs SYCL-Based ComputeCpp 1.0, Running...   Standards   23 Aug 2018
Khronos Releases SYCL 1.2.1 With TensorFlow...   Standards   06 Dec 2017
Khronos Unveils OpenCL 2.2, SPIR-V 1.2, OpenCL CTS...   Standards   16 May 2017
POCL Is Working On OpenCL-Over-CUDA With New Backend   Free Software   25 Apr 2017
Possible Items On The OpenCL Roadmap: Improved Vulkan...   Standards   28 Jul 2016
SIGGRAPH 2016 Kicks Off Today: What Exciting News...   Standards   24 Jul 2016
Khronos Releases OpenCL 2.2 Provisional Spec, OpenCL...   Standards   18 Apr 2016
Khronos Group Releases Final SYCL 1.2 Specification   Standards   11 May 2015
Not Everyone Likes The Possible "VULKAN"...   Vulkan   01 Mar 2015
OpenCL & SYCL Updated For Heterogeneous Parallel...   Standards   18 Nov 2014
Next Week We Should Hear All About OpenGL 5.0   Standards   10 Aug 2014
Next-Gen OpenGL To Be Announced Next Month   Standards   15 Jul 2014
Recapping The Linux News From GDC 2014   Linux Gaming   23 Mar 2014
Khronos Posts Their GDC Slides   Standards   21 Mar 2014
It's Time To Ask Your Linux Gaming Questions For GDC   Linux Gaming   20 Mar 2014
Khronos Works On SYCL For Pushing OpenCL In C++   Standards   19 Mar 2014