SNA is the Sandy Bridge New Acceleration architecture developed by Intel for their xf86-video-intel X.Org driver. Contrary to the name, SNA supports all Intel HD Graphics hardware and just not the Sandy Bridge generation. SNA is much faster than the former UXA architecture and is used by default with xf86-video-intel 3.0+.

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SNA Articles & Reviews

Nouveau Drags Behind Intel & Radeon For Linux 2D...   Display Drivers   18 Mar 2014
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SNA Linux News

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Nouveau X.Org Driver Adds Maxwell & GLAMOR...   Nouveau   19 Jun 2014
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DRI3 & Present Support Finally Land Within Intel's...   X.Org   02 Jun 2014
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Lots Of Linux Hardware Reviews Coming Up, San Diego...   Hardware   09 Mar 2014
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Intel Still Polishing Their 3.0 X.Org Graphics Driver   Intel   10 Feb 2014
Pre-3.0 Intel X.Org Driver Gets More Fixings   Intel   01 Feb 2014
GLAMOR Code Lands In X.Org Server 1.16   X.Org   23 Jan 2014
GLAMOR Will Likely End Up In The X.Org Server   X.Org   31 Dec 2013
Intel X.Org Driver Gets Fixes, Broadwell Acceleration   Intel   30 Dec 2013
Intel Broadwell Support Commited To X.Org Driver   Intel   11 Dec 2013
Intel X.Org Driver Released With New Stability Fixes   Intel   13 Nov 2013
Intel X.Org Driver Now Handles Better Tear-Free   Intel   23 Oct 2013
Intel SNA Performance Of Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge,...   Intel   13 Oct 2013
Intel X.Org 3.0 Driver To Get One More Feature   Intel   09 Oct 2013
GLAMOR'ized Radeon Driver Shows Hope Over EXA   Radeon   03 Oct 2013
SNA Continues To Be Far Better Than UXA, GLAMOR   Intel   01 Oct 2013
Intel Steps Closer To 3.0 X.Org Driver Release   Intel   29 Sep 2013
GLAMOR Acceleration Makes It Into Ubuntu 13.10   Free Software   19 Sep 2013
Intel Reverts Plans, Will Not Support Ubuntu's XMir   Intel   07 Sep 2013
Intel 3.0 Linux Driver To Enable SNA, Support XMir   Intel   04 Sep 2013
Canonical Posts X.Org, Driver Patches For XMir   X.Org   22 Jul 2013
Intel Haswell On Linux: Updated SNA vs. UXA 2D Tests   Intel   19 Jul 2013
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Assessing The Current Intel Haswell Linux Experience   Intel   21 Jun 2013
Intel 2.21.9 X.Org Driver Calls Out More Regressions   Intel   06 Jun 2013
Intel Ivy Bridge: UXA vs. SNA - Updated Benchmarks   Intel   29 May 2013
Intel 2.21.5 Driver Brings Fixes For Haswell, GLAMOR   Intel   21 Mar 2013
Intel X.Org Driver Update Gets New Features   X.Org   11 Mar 2013
Qt/GTK Speed On Unity/KDE/Xfce/LXDE/GNOME/Razor   Desktop   28 Feb 2013
Nouveau vs. Radeon 2D Graphics Performance   X.Org   27 Feb 2013
SNA Sandy Bridge Is Quick To Beat UXA Too   Intel   27 Feb 2013
SNA Delivers Huge Gains Over UXA For Intel...   Intel   27 Feb 2013
Intel X.Org Driver Gets Hand-Tuning For SSE4, AVX2   Intel   26 Feb 2013
Intel Has Good DRM Driver Changes In Linux 3.9   Intel   18 Feb 2013
Chris Wilson Begins With Intel 2.21 X.Org Point...   Intel   10 Feb 2013
Intel's Linux DRM Driver Plans For 2013   Intel   07 Feb 2013
Multi-Threading Cairo-Image For Better Performance   Intel   26 Jan 2013
Intel SNA Continues To Be Tweaked   Intel   24 Jan 2013
Ubuntu Decides To Turn On Intel SNA   Ubuntu   18 Jan 2013
Ubuntu Still Deciding About Intel Acceleration Support   Intel   09 Jan 2013
Intel Still Playing With i830GM/845G Stability   Intel   26 Dec 2012
2D Support On Old Intel Hardware: Nothing But Misery   Intel   17 Dec 2012
Intel 2012Q4 Graphics Driver Is Good For Valve   Valve   27 Nov 2012
Intel 2.20.13 Driver Update Carries More Bug-Fixes   Intel   11 Nov 2012
Cairo 1.12.4 Brings Worthwhile Changes   X.Org   05 Oct 2012
Intel Driver Update Brings Back XvMC, Fixes Bugs   Intel   29 Sep 2012
Intel Valley View SDV Powers On With X.Org   Intel   17 Sep 2012
Released Intel Driver Gets PRIME'd For Sharing   Intel   08 Sep 2012
Ubuntu's Unity Is Also Painful For 2D Performance   Ubuntu   05 Sep 2012
Intel Puts Out Yet Another 2.20.x DDX Driver   Intel   02 Sep 2012
Yet Another Intel 2.20.x Graphics Driver Release   Intel   26 Aug 2012
FlightGear 2.8 Betters Open-Source Flying   Linux Gaming   23 Aug 2012
Intel 2.20.4 X.Org Driver Brings More Fixes   Intel   18 Aug 2012
Intel X.Org Update Restores 830GM/845G Acceleration   Intel   04 Aug 2012
Intel Lands Some Haswell Commits For X.Org Driver   Intel   03 Aug 2012
Intel Driver Integrates BRW Assembler   Intel   30 Jul 2012
GLAMOR 0.5 To Advance 2D Over OpenGL   Free Software   29 Jul 2012
Another Intel Linux Graphics Driver Release   Intel   27 Jul 2012
Intel Releases 12.07 Linux Graphics Package   Intel   24 Jul 2012
Intel 2.20.1 X.Org Driver Closes Critical Bugs   Intel   23 Jul 2012
Running The Radeon Driver With GLAMOR   Radeon   22 Jul 2012
Intel X.Org Driver Explodes Thanks To Chris Wilson   Intel   21 Jul 2012
New Intel Driver Takes SNA Accel Mainstream   Intel   15 Jul 2012
Intel Driver Now Builds SNA Support By Default   Intel   12 Jul 2012
GLAMOR Radeon Shows 2D Acceleration Promise   Radeon   12 Jul 2012
X.Org Server 1.13 RC1 Packs In Many Changes   X.Org   10 Jul 2012
AMD Using GLAMOR For Open HD 7000 Series 2D   AMD   10 Jul 2012
Upcoming Linux Benchmarks For July 2012   Phoronix   23 Jun 2012
Ubuntu 12.10 Looks To Use Intel SNA Acceleration   Intel   08 Jun 2012
SNA Is Doing Well For Vintage Intel Hardware   Intel   02 Jun 2012