S3 Texture Compression.

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A Possible Workaround For The S3TC Patent Situation   Software   19 Jul 2011

S3TC Linux News

ASTC Texture Compression License Turns Out To Be...   Free Software   03 Oct 2019
Wine 4.17 Adds DXTn Compressed Textures, Windows...   WINE   27 Sep 2019
Intel Mesa Driver Getting Better Support For ETC2 On...   Intel   04 Feb 2019
Mesa Now Supports S3TC Texture Compression With sRGB...   Mesa   02 Feb 2019
The New Features On Deck For Mesa 19.0: Vulkan...   Mesa   28 Jan 2019
Mesa Picks Up Faster Support For S3TC Decoding Using...   Mesa   22 Dec 2018
Wine 3.14 Adds DXTn Texture Decompression, Other...   WINE   17 Aug 2018
All Gallium3D Drivers Getting ASTC Compression...   Mesa   29 Jul 2018
Mesa 17.3 Officially Released: Nearly OpenGL 4.6,...   Mesa   08 Dec 2017
Etnaviv Gallium3D Driver Now Wiring Up ASTC Texture...   Mesa   02 Nov 2017
S3TC Support Lands In Mesa Git Along With An OpenGL...   Mesa   03 Oct 2017
S3TC Support Will Land In Mesa Now That The Patent Has...   Mesa   02 Oct 2017
The S3TC Patent Finally Expires Next Week - S3 Texture...   Standards   29 Sep 2017
Intel Broxton Gets ASTC HDR Support In Mesa   Intel   22 May 2017
It's Been Another Exciting Week Of RADV Development...   Vulkan   10 Sep 2016
AMD Open-Sources Compressonator Project   AMD   12 May 2016
AMD Polaris Doesn't Support ETC2 Texture Compression   AMD   13 Apr 2016
Nouveau NVC0 Adds ETC2/ASTC Texture Compression For...   Mesa   04 Apr 2016
AMD Stoney APUs Bring ETC2 Open-Source Driver Support   AMD   22 Jan 2016
Nouveau Support For ETC2/ASTC Texture Compression   Nouveau   19 Dec 2015
Gallium3D Support For ASTC Compression Is Being Worked...   Mesa   21 Nov 2015
Intel Enables ASTC Texture Compression In Mesa For...   Intel   31 Aug 2015
ASTC Texture Compression May Finally Supplant S3TC   Linux Gaming   12 Aug 2015
Radeon Gallium3D Tackles A Bit More, OpenGL 4.1...   Mesa   28 Jul 2015
Intel Skylake Adds ASTC Texture Compression,...   Mesa   20 May 2015
X Rebirth Linux Alpha Now Available   Linux Gaming   14 Mar 2015
ETC2 Decoding Support In Mesa's Gallium3D For...   Mesa   19 Feb 2015
Changes I Made When Installing Fedora 21 On My New...   Fedora   08 Feb 2015
Fedora 22 To Have Direct3D 9 Mesa State Tracker, Add...   Fedora   14 Jan 2015
Enlightenment's Evas OpenGL Now Supports S3TC Textures   Desktop   04 Jul 2014
Features You Will Not Find In Mesa 10.2   Mesa   27 May 2014
Enlightenment's Evas Adds OpenGL ETC2 Support   Desktop   25 Apr 2014
Intel Brings ETC Texture Compression To The Desktop   Intel   14 Jan 2014
DRIConf Is Still A Mess & Leaves A Lot To Be...   Mesa   16 Oct 2013
S3TC Is Still Problematic For Mesa Developers, Users   Mesa   14 Aug 2013
Unigine Heaven 3.0 Now Works For Radeon Gallium3D   Mesa   30 Jul 2013
Hardware Expectations For Valve's Steam Box   Valve   08 Mar 2013
Reasons Mesa 9.1 Is Still Disappointing For End-Users   Mesa   14 Feb 2013
New OpenGL Support In Mesa 9.1   Mesa   29 Jan 2013
Intel Driver To Play A Bit Better With S3TC...   Intel   21 Jan 2013
Intel Merges ETC2 Texture Compression In Mesa   Intel   07 Dec 2012
Intel Continues Work On ETC2 Texture Compression   Mesa   10 Nov 2012
Marek Continues Improving Radeon Performance   Radeon   06 Nov 2012
ETC2 Texture Compression For Intel Is Happening   Intel   20 Oct 2012
Intel Mesa To Force On S3TC, Floating-Point Textures   Intel   19 Oct 2012
Nine Reasons Mesa 9.0 Is Disappointing For End-Users   Mesa   09 Oct 2012
Nine Good Things About Mesa 9.0   Mesa   09 Oct 2012
ETC2 Texture Compression Looks Good For OpenGL   Mesa   12 Aug 2012
X.Org Foundation Joins Open Invention Network   X.Org   10 Aug 2012
OpenGL 4.3, OpenGL ES 3.0 Specifications Unveiled   Standards   06 Aug 2012
Khronos ASTC: Royalty-Free Next-Gen Texture...   Standards   06 Aug 2012
Ex-NVIDIA Engineer Patent Issue With Open-Source   NVIDIA   26 Jul 2012
What Should Valve Do For Linux & Open-Source?   Valve   17 Jul 2012
Mesa Support For ETC1 Texture Compression   Mesa   16 Jul 2012
Intel Publishes Ivy Bridge Programming Documentation   Intel   23 Jun 2012
Linux Driver Support Still Leaves A Lot To Desire   Hardware   21 Jun 2012
What Are The Biggest Problems With Linux?   Linux Kernel   10 Jun 2012
Nouveau NV10-NV20 Can Now Handle S3TC   Nouveau   02 May 2012
Unigine Pushes Engine Changes; More Mesa Friendly   Linux Gaming   06 Apr 2012
Icculus Grows Fond Of Open-Source GPU Drivers   Linux Gaming   02 Apr 2012
Unigine & Mesa Move Closer To Playing Along   Mesa   28 Jan 2012
Mesa Beginning To Need Application Workarounds   Mesa   26 Jan 2012
Where Things Fall Short: Eight Shortcomings Of Mesa...   Mesa   11 Jan 2012
It's Official: Mesa 8.0 With OpenGL 3.0   Mesa   09 Jan 2012
What's Up With The S3 Graphics Linux Driver?   VIA   23 Dec 2011
New Comments By Ryan Gordon On Linux Gaming, Drivers   Linux Gaming   15 Nov 2011
Did Hell Freeze Over? Intel Mesa Does GLSL 1.30!   Intel   12 Nov 2011
S3TC Now Golden For Linux & Open-Source?   Free Software   10 Nov 2011
Intel Aims For Open-Source OpenGL 3.0 Driver By Year's...   Intel   14 Sep 2011
Mesa Developers Still Fear Patent Wrath With S2TC   Mesa   09 Aug 2011
Ryan Gordon Criticizes Open-Source Drivers Again   Linux Gaming   08 Aug 2011
HTC Is Buying Out S3 Graphics   Hardware   06 Jul 2011
Arch Linux Enables Mesa Floating Point Textures   Operating Systems   01 Jun 2011
Should Ubuntu Still Be Distributed As A CD ISO?   Ubuntu   09 May 2011
Super! Patented Mesa Floating-Point Is Merged!   Mesa   15 Apr 2011
An Open-Source MMORPG Using The Unigine Engine   Linux Gaming   10 Apr 2011
Marek Files Patches For Floating-Point In Mesa Master   Free Software   01 Apr 2011
What Would Be Disastrous For Linux, Open-Source   Free Software   01 Apr 2011
Exciting Proposals For The Linux Community   Free Software   31 Mar 2011
What Would Be Crazy For Linux Right Now   Free Software   31 Mar 2011
VP8 Over VDPAU In Gallium3D Is Emeric's Target   Mesa   29 Mar 2011
Gallium3D OpenGL 4.1 State Tracker Redux   Mesa   20 Mar 2011
S3TC For Mesa Is Talked About Some More   Mesa   19 Mar 2011
Gordon's Thoughts On Open-Source GPU Drivers   Linux Gaming   18 Mar 2011
Will The Linux 2.6.39 Kernel Bring Graphics Magic?   Linux Kernel   14 Mar 2011
What Was Decided With S3TC & Floating Points For...   Mesa   09 Mar 2011
Patches Published For Merging S3TC Library Into Mesa   Mesa   06 Mar 2011
Pressing On For Mesa Floating Point Support   Mesa   06 Mar 2011
Will Floating Point Textures Be Merged Into Mesa?   Mesa   04 Mar 2011
The Mesa S3TC External Library Hits Version 1.0.0   Mesa   01 Mar 2011
Mesa Can Do EXT_texture_compression_RGTC   Mesa   25 Feb 2011
R600 Gallium3D Driver Now Supports S3TC Library   AMD   15 Feb 2011
How Old ATI GPUs Can Be Faster On Open Drivers   AMD   13 Feb 2011
If You Forgot, S3 Graphics Does Linux Drivers Too   VIA   23 Nov 2010
S3TC Support For Mesa Brought Up Again   Mesa   28 Mar 2010
Tungsten's New VIA DRM, Mesa Driver Published   VIA   17 Jan 2009
Tungsten Creates New VIA 3D Stack   VIA   07 Jan 2009
Nouveau Companion 18   Nouveau   25 Apr 2007