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Roccat Articles & Reviews

Libratbag + Piper Allow For Great Logitech Gaming...   Peripherals   21 Aug 2018
ROCCAT LUA: A Linux-Friendly Gaming Mouse   Peripherals   28 Sep 2014

Roccat Linux News

Roccat Open-Source Project To End New Linux Device...   Hardware   12 Dec 2016
Libratbag: A New Library For Configurable Mice On...   Hardware   15 Sep 2015
A Linux Driver Is In Development For The Corsair...   Linux Gaming   29 Aug 2015
Intel's i7-5960X + X99 Motherboard On CentOS 7.0 Has...   Red Hat   03 Oct 2014
Logitech Isn't Yet Fully Supporting Linux   Hardware   20 Jun 2014
Logitech Begins Supporting Linux Users   Hardware   18 May 2013
Linux Begins To Support Windows 8 Multi-Touch   Hardware   13 Dec 2012
Razer BlackWidow, Other Products On Linux?   Hardware   03 Jan 2012
Roccat Linux Support Keeps Coming   Linux Gaming   05 Sep 2011
A Gaming Mouse Vendor That Has Linux Drivers   Hardware   05 Oct 2010