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Rich Geldreich Linux News

LZHAM + Crunch Now Placed Under The Public Domain   Programming   16 Sep 2020
New High Quality GPU Compression Codec Going...   Standards   09 Mar 2020
ASTC Texture Compression License Turns Out To Be...   Free Software   03 Oct 2019
Binomial's Basis Universal To Super-Compress glTF...   Standards   26 Jul 2019
New BC7/BPTC GPU Texture Encoder Open-Sourced   Free Software   27 Apr 2018
Unity Continues Crunching More Out Of Crunch Texture...   Standards   16 Dec 2017
Rich Geldreich On The Concerns Of Open-Sourcing In The...   Linux Gaming   30 Nov 2017
Crunch Texture Compression Showing Off Promising...   Linux Gaming   15 Nov 2017
Steam's Linux Efforts Were Influential To Microsoft,...   Valve   04 Jan 2017
Former Valve Developer: Steam Linux Project Was The...   Valve   31 Dec 2016
RAD Game's New Oodle Data Compression Beats...   Linux Gaming   03 Aug 2016
Google Is Enabling Brotli Compression Support In...   Google   21 Jan 2016
New Compression Codecs Risk Making Zlib Obsolete   Standards   18 Jan 2016
Development On Valve's VOGL Debugger Seems To Have...   Valve   17 Jan 2016
Improving GPU Texture Compression   Free Software   08 Dec 2015
LZHAM Is Still Ticking Along To Further Open-Source...   Free Software   29 Nov 2015
More Optimizations Coming To LZHAM   Free Software   07 Feb 2015
LZHAM 1.0 Lossless Data Compression Codec Released   Free Software   25 Jan 2015
LZHAM 1.0 Isn't Too Far Away For Compression Of...   Free Software   17 Jan 2015
Rich Geldreich On The State Of Linux Gaming   Linux Gaming   10 Nov 2014
Former Valve/VOGL Dev: OpenGL Next Could Take 3+ Years   Valve   09 Oct 2014
Rich Geldreich: A Bad Catalyst GL Driver Is Bad For...   Linux Gaming   17 Jun 2014
Rich Geldreich Leaves Valves; Points To More "End...   Valve   09 Jun 2014
NVIDIA's Tegra K1 & Linux Gaming Were Popular In...   Phoronix   31 May 2014
Former AMD Developer: OpenGL Is Broken   Standards   31 May 2014
NVIDIA Continues Beating Other Vendors On OpenGL...   Standards   13 May 2014
A Game Developer's Perspective On Linux Driver Quality   Valve   12 May 2014
The Many Problems With OpenGL   Standards   12 May 2014
Valve Is Bringing VOGL To Windows & Working On...   Valve   23 Apr 2014
VOGL Now Supports Unreal Engine 4 On Linux   Valve   04 Apr 2014
A Look At Valve's VOGL UI   Valve   22 Mar 2014
Valve's VOGL Quickly Sees Improvements, AMD Support   Valve   15 Mar 2014
Valve Publishes The Source Code For Their VOGL OpenGL...   Valve   12 Mar 2014
Valve's VOGL Debugger To Be Completely Open-Source   Valve   17 Jan 2014
Valve Needs Help From OpenGL Game Developers   Valve   17 Jan 2014
Valve's VOGL OpenGL Debugger Should Be Great   Valve   16 Jan 2014
How Valve Made L4D2 Faster On Linux Than Windows   Valve   09 Aug 2012
Ex-NVIDIA Engineer Patent Issue With Open-Source   NVIDIA   26 Jul 2012
Valve On Linux To Be Presented In Two Weeks   Valve   26 Jul 2012