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PowerVR Articles & Reviews

Trying To Benchmark The MIPS Creator CI20 With Debian...   Computers   04 Jun 2015
ODROID-XU's ARM big.LITTLE A7 + A15 Octa-Core   Processors   24 Oct 2013
ARM Cortex-A9 PandaBoard ES Benchmarks   Computers   27 Dec 2011

PowerVR Linux News

Mesa 22.1 Released With Many Vulkan Improvements,...   Mesa   18 May 2022
Mesa 22.1-rc2 Released With Many Zink, Intel, AMD...   Mesa   21 Apr 2022
Mesa 22.1-rc1 Brings Radeon Vulkan Enhancements,...   Mesa   14 Apr 2022
Mesa 22.1 Begins Steps To Release Next Month With...   Mesa   14 Apr 2022
Linux 5.18 Preparations, AMD Servers, Spectre BHI...   Phoronix   02 Apr 2022
Imagination PowerVR Rogue GPU Vulkan Driver Merged...   Mesa   23 Mar 2022
Imagination Posts Original Driver Code For PowerVR...   Hardware   23 Mar 2022
Imagination Tech Publishes Open-Source PowerVR Vulkan...   Vulkan   04 Mar 2022
Mediatek MT8167 DRM Driver Support Coming For Linux...   Hardware   16 Aug 2021
Mesa Enjoyed A Record-Setting Year With Intel G3D...   Mesa   01 Jan 2021
Mediatek DRM Driver Adding MT8167 Support In Linux...   Linux Kernel   29 Nov 2020
Linux Might Wipe Out The Notorious Intel...   Intel   16 Nov 2020
The FSF Is Looking To Update Its High Priority Free...   Free Software   29 Oct 2020
New Arm SoCs Supported By Linux 5.8, Restructuring To...   Arm   07 Jun 2020
Allwinner Preparing Their A100 SoC Support For The...   Arm   22 May 2020
Imagination Working On A New Open-Source Linux...   Mesa   14 Feb 2020
The Hurd Microkernel Still Isn't Ready But GNU Had A...   GNU   25 Dec 2019
DMA-BUF HEAPS Coming To Linux 5.6, Poulsbo Pops Back...   Linux Kernel   17 Dec 2019
Unisoc Looking To Introduce A New DRM Display Driver...   Hardware   10 Dec 2019
Imagination Announces IMG A-Series To Deliver 2.5x...   Hardware   02 Dec 2019
Google's SwiftShader Is Becoming Conformant &...   Vulkan   24 Oct 2019
Imagination Getting Behind Open-Source SYCL Libraries...   Programming   24 Oct 2019
Vulkan 1.1.122 Brings Extension Documenting...   Vulkan   09 Sep 2019
Linux 5.3 Kernel To Bring Ingenic KMS Driver, Rockchip...   Linux Kernel   25 Jun 2019
SiFive RISC-V SoCs Can Now Be Paired With A GPU......   RISC-V   21 May 2019
Samsung Galaxy S Support With The Linux 4.19 Kernel   Linux Kernel   19 Jul 2018
One Of Imagination's Only Mesa Developers Has Jumped...   Mesa   29 May 2018
TI Posts Open-Source DRI3 WSEGL Plug-In For PowerVR...   X.Org   16 Apr 2018
Allwinner A83T Will Support HDMI With Linux 4.17   AMD   25 Feb 2018
Imagination Announces The PowerVR Series8XT GT8540 GPU   Hardware   24 Jan 2018
Intel SGX Driver Updated But Likely Too Late For Linux...   Intel   13 Nov 2017
Imagination Formally Announces It's Selling Itself   Hardware   22 Jun 2017
Apple To Be Parting Ways With Imagination Graphics   Apple   03 Apr 2017
ImgTech Announces "Furian" GPU Architecture   Hardware   08 Mar 2017
More Mesa Work Coming Out Of Imagination Tech?   Mesa   30 Jan 2017
Fuzzing OpenGL Shaders Can Lead To Some Wild Results   Standards   11 Dec 2016
Talk Of An ARM Vendor Open-Sourcing Their 3D Driver?   Arm   14 Nov 2016
DragonBox Pyra Goes Up For Pre-Order   Linux Gaming   01 May 2016
Rumors Are Flying That Apple May Be Trying To Acquire...   Apple   22 Mar 2016
Google Nexus Player Gets Early Vulkan Support,...   Hardware   17 Feb 2016
Imagination Announces The PowerVR Series7XT Plus With...   Hardware   06 Jan 2016
PowerVR SDK 4.0 Released, Preps Developers For Vulkan   Vulkan   23 Dec 2015
Imagination Is Still Struggling To Find Open-Source...   Hardware   26 Nov 2015
Using Multiple Threads With The Vulkan API   Vulkan   25 Nov 2015
Imagination Tech Is Still Looking For A Linux Graphics...   Hardware   20 Oct 2015
Imagination Continues Talking Up Vulkan   Vulkan   19 Oct 2015
Imagination Tech Wants To Teach You About Vulkan   Vulkan   16 Oct 2015
Debian 8, Linux 3.18 Now Available For The MIPS CI20   Debian   14 Sep 2015
Details On NVIDIA's Vulkan Driver, Sounds Like It Will...   NVIDIA   02 Sep 2015
Imagination Tech Is Demoing Vulkan On Android   Vulkan   10 Aug 2015
Imagination Is Hiring A PowerVR Linux, Open-Source...   Hardware   14 Jul 2015
Fedora For MIPS Is Now Out In Testing, Supports The...   Fedora   30 Jun 2015
Imagination Appears To Be Working On An Open-Source...   Hardware   15 Jun 2015
More SPIR-V & Vulkan Details Might Be Revealed...   Vulkan   07 Apr 2015
Mesa's Android Support Is Currently In Bad Shape   Mesa   29 Mar 2015
MediaTek Said To Be Licensing AMD Graphics Technology   AMD   09 Mar 2015
Imagination Already Has A Vulkan Driver In The Works...   Hardware   03 Mar 2015
Intel Is Still Working On The VED DRM Driver For...   Intel   08 Jan 2015
The Top AMD, Intel & NVIDIA Linux News For 2014   Hardware   30 Dec 2014
Orange Pi Is The Latest Raspberry Pi Inspired ARM...   Arm   22 Dec 2014
MIPS Creator CI20 Now Available, Costs $65 USD   Hardware   04 Dec 2014
Meizu's Ubuntu Phone Not Expected Until Early Next...   Ubuntu   25 Nov 2014
PowerVR SGX Driver Code Gets Leaked   Hardware   22 Nov 2014
Nokia Releases The N1, A Nice Looking Android 5.0...   Hardware   18 Nov 2014
Imagination Releases Full ISA Documentation For...   Hardware   21 Oct 2014
Intel Publishes DRM Driver For PowerVR Video Decoder!...   Intel   13 Oct 2014
The Meizu MX4 Phone With Ubuntu Is Expected To Be Out...   Hardware   14 Sep 2014
Samsung Reportedly Designing Its Own GPU   Hardware   14 Sep 2014
Imagination Launches A MIPS Development Board   Hardware   30 Aug 2014
Lots Of New ARM Hardware To Be Supported By Linux 3.17   Arm   08 Aug 2014
Allwinner A23 "Sun8i" Support Gets Cleaned...   Hardware   17 Jun 2014
Allwinner A80 Octa-Core Hardware Coming Next Month   Hardware   05 May 2014
Ubuntu Phone Demoed On The Meizu MX3   Ubuntu   11 Apr 2014
Google Lands More Intel "Bay Trail" Changes...   Coreboot   24 Feb 2014
Intel Bay Trail Atom Support Comes To Coreboot   Coreboot   01 Feb 2014
Intel GMA500 Poulsbo Driver Finally Works Towards 2D   Intel   21 Jan 2014
Imagination Announces New Series 6 Architecture GPUs   Hardware   07 Jan 2014
Google Lands Many More Coreboot Changes   Coreboot   24 Dec 2013
The DRM/KMS Drivers In The Linux 3.13 Kernel   Linux Kernel   02 Dec 2013
Mir Now Supports Four Android GPUs/Drivers   Ubuntu   19 Nov 2013
Intel DRM Graphics Support For The Minnowboard   Hardware   09 Nov 2013
ARM Cortex-A15 Quad-Core Linux ODROID-XU Tests   Arm   21 Oct 2013
Imagination Unveils "Warrior P-Class"...   Hardware   14 Oct 2013
The State Of Open-Source ARM GPU Drivers   Arm   27 Sep 2013
Intel Bay Trail / Silvermont Linux Hardware Support   Intel   12 Sep 2013
Intel Formally Launches Bay Trail (a.k.a. "Valley...   Intel   11 Sep 2013
PengPod Claims It Will Transform PC & Tablet World   Hardware   09 Sep 2013
ARM Changes Come About For Linux 3.12 Kernel   Arm   06 Sep 2013
Intel GMA-500 DRM Driver Still Being Developed   Intel   21 Aug 2013
The Extraordinary DRM Pull Request For Linux 3.11   Linux Kernel   09 Jul 2013
A New DRM Driver Is Coming To Linux 3.11 Kernel   Linux Kernel   27 Jun 2013
NVIDIA To License Its Kepler GPU Technology   Hardware   19 Jun 2013
Intel Begins Lining Up Graphics Changes For Linux 3.11   Linux Kernel   29 May 2013
Intel Enables Mesa Support For Bay Trail / Valley View   Intel   16 Apr 2013
Five Years Later, Intel Poulsbo Is Still A Linux Mess   Intel   15 Mar 2013
Mesa/Gallium3D Gets Its First ARM SoC GPU Driver   Mesa   12 Mar 2013
Intel Has New Open-Source GPU Code For Testing   Intel   08 Mar 2013
TI OMAP DRM For Linux 3.9 Moves Out Of Staging   Linux Kernel   17 Feb 2013
Red Hat Picks Up Another Graphics Driver Developer   Red Hat   15 Feb 2013
Intel Ivy Bridge On Linux Properly Supports OpenGL ES...   Intel   13 Feb 2013