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Plasma 5.19 Linux News

KDE Ending Out June With Many Bug Fixes, Finally...   KDE   27 Jun 2020
KDE Plasma 5.19 Sees Many Regression Fixes, Other Work...   KDE   20 Jun 2020
KDE Developers Begin Working More On Plasma 5.20...   KDE   13 Jun 2020
KDE Plasma 5.19 Released After Lots Of Polishing,...   KDE   09 Jun 2020
KDE Plasma 5.19 Has Better Wayland Support But Their...   KDE   02 Jun 2020
KDE Ending Out May With UI Tweaks, Bug Fixes   KDE   30 May 2020
Two More Projects Join KWinFT Fork Of KDE KWin, Beta...   KDE   25 May 2020
KDE Begins Its Transition To GitLab, Plasma 5.20...   KDE   23 May 2020
KDE Developers Are Busy Polishing Plasma 5.19   KDE   16 May 2020
KDE Plasma 5.19 Rolls Out In Beta Form With Many...   KDE   14 May 2020
KDE KWin Finally Sees An Important Fix For Addressing...   KDE   09 May 2020
KDE Continuing To See More Wayland Improvements, Fixes...   KDE   18 Apr 2020
KDE Finally Has Support For Configuring The Scroll...   KDE   12 Apr 2020
KDE Seeing System Tray Improvements, Much Faster...   KDE   15 Mar 2020
KDE Has Screen Rotation Now Working On Wayland   KDE   01 Mar 2020
KDE Plasma 5.18 About To Release While Plasma 5.19...   KDE   09 Feb 2020
KDE Begins February With More Improvements In Tow   KDE   02 Feb 2020