Ozone-Wayland is an Intel project implementing native support for Google's Chrome/Chromium web-browser on Wayland.

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Ozone-Wayland Linux News

Chrome Is Reaching The Point Of Good X11 + Wayland...   Google   31 May 2020
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Chromium On Wayland Keeps Advancing, Works On Tizen...   Google   22 Feb 2014
Chromium Browser Is Running Great On Wayland   Wayland   07 Feb 2014
Ozone-Wayland Continues Rising High   Google   04 Jan 2014
Wayland's Chrome "Ozone" Port Advances   Wayland   03 Dec 2013
Wayland-Based Chromium Browser Released   Intel   11 Nov 2013
Chromium On Wayland "Ozone" Continues   Wayland   07 Oct 2013
Chromium Ported To Wayland, Now Working   Wayland   18 Sep 2013