OverlayFS is a Linux kernel file-system mainlined with Linux 3.18. OverlayFS is commonly used by Linux Live CD/USB systems.

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OverlayFS Linux News

OverlayFS Can Be Paired With VirtIO-FS On Linux 5.7   Linux Storage   08 Apr 2020
Linux 5.5-rc2 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   15 Dec 2019
Systemd 242 Released With XBOOTLDR Support, Networkd...   systemd   11 Apr 2019
Systemd 242 Gearing Up For Release With XBOOTLDR...   systemd   03 Apr 2019
UBIFS & OverlayFS Updates Hit The Linux 4.19...   Linux Storage   23 Aug 2018
OverlayFS Adds NFS Export Support In Linux 4.16   Linux Storage   05 Feb 2018
The Linux Kernel Is Still Rectifying The Year 2038...   Linux Kernel   19 Nov 2017
Btrfs For Linux 4.15 Picks Up Compression...   Linux Kernel   13 Nov 2017
Oracle Now Supports Btrfs RAID5/6 On Their Unbreakable...   Oracle   17 Sep 2017
Summer 2017 Linux Hardware Statistics From...   Hardware   10 Jul 2017
There's Progress In 2017 For Running macOS Binaries On...   Operating Systems   06 Feb 2017
UBIFS Supports OverlayFS In Linux 4.9, Readying UBI...   Linux Storage   13 Oct 2016
OverlayFS SELinux Support For Linux 4.9 Kernel   Linux Kernel   04 Oct 2016
Some of The Other Pull Requests Arriving For Linux 4.8...   Linux Kernel   29 Jul 2016
Clear Linux Already Jumps Onto The Linux 4.7 Kernel   Clear Linux   26 Jul 2016
F2FS & Btrfs Get Fixes For Linux 4.7 Kernel   Linux Storage   22 May 2016
Clonezilla 2.4.2-10 Makes Use Of OverlayFS &...   Operating Systems   10 Jun 2015
XFS Updates Submitted For Linux 4.1 Kernel   Linux Storage   23 Apr 2015
The Big Features Of The Linux 4.0 Kernel   Linux Kernel   29 Mar 2015
Systemd Change Allows For Stateless Systems With Tmpfs   systemd   24 Mar 2015
Linux 4.0-RC1 Tagged, Linux 4.0 Will Bring Many...   Linux Kernel   22 Feb 2015
Changes Already For Linux 3.20 (Linux 4.0?) Are Very...   Linux Kernel   14 Feb 2015
Multiple Read-Only Layers Added To OverlayFS   Linux Kernel   11 Feb 2015
Windows 10, PS4, C4 & Systemd News Kicked Off 2015   Phoronix   01 Feb 2015
Google Admin Encourages Trying Btrfs, Not ZFS On Linux   Linux Storage   20 Jan 2015
CoreOS Moves From Btrfs To EXT4 + OverlayFS   Free Software   18 Jan 2015
Features Of The Linux 3.19 Kernel: Graphics &...   Linux Storage   22 Dec 2014
Features Added So Far To The Linux 3.19 Kernel   Linux Kernel   15 Dec 2014
Multi-Layer Support Coming To OverlayFS In Linux 3.19   Linux Kernel   09 Dec 2014
The Linux 3.18 Kernel Brings Many Great Changes   Linux Kernel   06 Dec 2014
Limba: Experimental Linux Software Installer Using...   Free Software   10 Nov 2014
Linux 3.18-rc2 Brings OverlayFS, Other Late Merges   Linux Kernel   26 Oct 2014
OverlayFS Finally Offered For Pulling Into Linux 3.18   Linux Kernel   26 Oct 2014
Features GNOME Developers Want In The Linux Kernel   GNOME   21 Oct 2014
Linux 3.18-rc1 Released One Week Early With Many...   Linux Kernel   19 Oct 2014
Changes So Far For The Linux 3.18 Kernel   Linux Kernel   11 Oct 2014
Linux 3.17 Kernel Released With Many Great Features   Linux Kernel   05 Oct 2014
OverlayFS Proposed For The Linux 3.18 Kernel   Linux Kernel   29 Sep 2014
Fedora Gets A Kernel Playground Repository   Fedora   09 Jul 2014
Cross-Rename Support Closer For The Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   13 Jan 2014
openSUSE 13.1 M2 Plays On PulseAudio 4.0   SUSE   16 Jun 2013
OverlayFS File-System Proposed For Linux 3.10 Kernel   Linux Kernel   13 Mar 2013
Mageia 3 Beta 3 Ships Linux 3.8, Uses Journalctl   Operating Systems   10 Mar 2013
Mageia 3 Beta 2 Is Ready For Testing   Operating Systems   26 Jan 2013
Mageia 3 Beta 1 Surfaces For The Holidays   Operating Systems   20 Dec 2012
Mageia 3 Alpha 3 Is Ready To Go   Operating Systems   14 Nov 2012
Mageia 3 Gets Its Second Alpha Release   Operating Systems   15 Oct 2012
Mageia 3 Alpha 1 Begins A New Cycle   Operating Systems   08 Sep 2012

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