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OpenGL-Next Linux News

The Khronos Group Filed A Trademark On...   Vulkan   28 Feb 2015
Next-Gen OpenGL To Be Shown Off Next Month   Standards   02 Feb 2015
Khronos Needs Your Help Naming The Next-Generation...   Standards   16 Jan 2015
Valve's VOGL Is Finally Back To Having New Commits, OS...   Valve   19 Nov 2014
OpenGL 4.x Support For Mesa Still Inching Along   Mesa   29 Oct 2014
Former Valve/VOGL Dev: OpenGL Next Could Take 3+ Years   Valve   09 Oct 2014
Canonical Joined The Khronos Group To Help Mir/Wayland...   Standards   21 Aug 2014
Khronos Publishes Its Slides About OpenGL-Next   Standards   20 Aug 2014
AMD Offers Mantle For OpenGL-Next, Pushes Mantle To...   AMD   14 Aug 2014