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OpenGL SC Linux News

Vulkan Ready To Take On Safety-Critical Market With...   Vulkan   08 Mar 2022
Vulkan SC 1.0 Coming For "Safety Critical"...   Vulkan   18 Aug 2021
AMD Is Trying To Optimize Their Gallium3D Driver Even...   Radeon   24 Mar 2021
CoreAVI VkCoreGL SC1 Hits Compliance For Ushering...   Vulkan   14 Jan 2020
Vulkan For Planes & Cars - Khronos Starting Vulkan...   Vulkan   25 Feb 2019
GLOVE: OpenGL ES Over Vulkan As Open-Source   Vulkan   01 Aug 2018
Khronos Expands Focus On Safety Critical APIs   Standards   27 Jul 2016
OpenGL SC 2.0 Released For Safety Critical Graphics   Standards   20 Apr 2016
KDE "Plasma Next" Reaches Alpha   KDE   03 Apr 2014
AMD's New Catalyst Driver Is Available To All Linux...   AMD   09 Jan 2014
AMD Puts Out A New Catalyst Linux Graphics Driver   AMD   22 Nov 2013
Plasma 2 With KDE Frameworks 5 Looks Awesome   KDE   11 Mar 2013
Wayland Has Working Screensaver Support   Wayland   08 Dec 2011
Just Announced: Qt 5 To Be Released Next Year   Qt   09 May 2011
AMD Catalyst 8.7 Linux Driver Released   AMD   21 Jul 2008