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OpenCL NEO Articles & Reviews

Benchmarking The Current Intel OpenCL NEO Driver...   Display Drivers   10 May 2019
Trying Out The New Intel Open-Source OpenCL NEO...   Display Drivers   06 Mar 2018

OpenCL NEO Linux News

Intel's Compute Runtime Adds oneAPI Level Zero Support   Intel   09 Mar 2020
Intel 19.23.13131 OpenCL NEO Stack Adds Comet Lake...   Intel   15 Jun 2019
Intel Graphics Continues Seeing A Lot Of User Interest...   Intel   29 May 2019
Intel 19.20.13008 Open-Source Compute Stack Restores...   Intel   25 May 2019
Intel Graphics Compiler 1.0.4 Released With Fixes...   Intel   20 May 2019
Intel's Coffeelake OpenCL Performance Between Beignet...   Intel   16 May 2019
Intel Is Looking For Feedback On Their Open-Source...   Intel   29 Apr 2019
Intel OpenCL NEO Driver Becoming Available For Ubuntu...   Intel   09 Apr 2019
Clear Linux Preparing The LLVM 8 Switch, Including For...   Clear Linux   09 Apr 2019
Intel To Have Their New Icelake Media Driver Ready For...   Intel   05 Feb 2019
Fedora Developers Look At Packaging Up The Radeon Open...   Radeon   09 Jan 2019
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To No Surprise, Intel's Discrete GPU Efforts Will...   Intel   30 Nov 2018
AMD Nearing Full OpenCL 2.0 Support With ROCm 2.0...   AMD   10 Sep 2018
Intel Launches Open-Source Podcast Show   Intel   05 Sep 2018
Intel's Beignet OpenCL Driver Updated To Work With...   Intel   20 Aug 2018
Intel OpenCL NEO Compute Stack Moves To...   Intel   25 Apr 2018