OilRush was the first game developed in-house at Unigine Corp using their flagship Unigine Engine. OilRush is backed by first-rate Linux support.

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OilRush Articles & Reviews

Unigine Announces Its OilRush Game For Linux   Linux Gaming   01 Sep 2010
An Exclusive Preview Of Unigine's OilRush Game   Linux Gaming   19 Dec 2010
Unigine OilRush Officially Ships Today For Linux   Linux Gaming   25 Jan 2012
Unigine OilRush Drills Closer To Release   Linux Gaming   04 Feb 2011

OilRush Linux News

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Desura's Public Linux Client Is Here With 65+ Games   Linux Gaming   17 Nov 2011
An Open-Source MMORPG Using The Unigine Engine   Linux Gaming   10 Apr 2011
Linux Gamers Command 90% Of Initial Unigine OilRush...   Linux Gaming   03 Mar 2011
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Arch Linux Enables Mesa Floating Point Textures   Operating Systems   01 Jun 2011
Unigine Engine Looks To Wasteland 2   Linux Gaming   13 Apr 2012
A New MMORPG On The Linux-Friendly Unigine   Linux Gaming   14 Nov 2011
Can The Unigine Engine Get Any Better? Yes, And It...   Linux Gaming   04 Nov 2010
Unigine OilRush Barely Does 800 Sales To Date   Linux Gaming   09 Mar 2011
Happy New Year! A Big Linux GPU Comparison!   Phoronix   31 Dec 2010
Good News Out Of Unigine's Linux Game Competition   Linux Gaming   12 Dec 2010
Unigine Releases New Heaven For Linux   Linux Gaming   07 Mar 2012
Giving Away Linux Copies Of The New Unigine Game   Linux Gaming   17 Mar 2011
Zero Ballistics 2.0 For Linux Finally Released   Linux Gaming   19 Dec 2010
Humble Indie Bundle #2 Just Made One Million Bucks   Linux Gaming   18 Dec 2010
New Screenshots Of Unigine's OilRush Game   Linux Gaming   15 Oct 2010
A Linux Game That's Still Not Selling Well   Linux Gaming   21 Mar 2012
CONTEST: Giving Away Unigine's New Real Time Strategy...   Linux Gaming   26 May 2011
Holiday Surprise: What's On My Linux Gaming Desktop?   Linux Gaming   18 Dec 2010
Unigine Betters Its Terrain Capabilities   Linux Gaming   08 Sep 2010
The Oddest Game To Be Powered By Unigine   Linux Gaming   08 May 2011
Another Humble Indie Bundle Is Coming   Linux Gaming   09 Dec 2010
Any Linux News From The E3 2011 Gaming Expo?   Linux Gaming   07 Jun 2011
Mac Graphics Drivers Are Still Troubled   Free Software   25 Mar 2011
Unigine & Mesa Move Closer To Playing Along   Mesa   28 Jan 2012
Frozenbyte Bundle Already Rakes In $250k USD   Linux Gaming   12 Apr 2011
Unigine Engine For Android Makes Its Debut   Linux Gaming   14 Feb 2011
Progress On The Unigine Dilogus Linux Game   Linux Gaming   12 Apr 2011
Unigine OilRush Pre-Order For Linux Now Open   Linux Gaming   02 Mar 2011
Another Unigine-Based Linux Game Soon To Alpha   Linux Gaming   18 Jan 2012
Free Copies Of Unigine's New Linux Game   Linux Gaming   28 Mar 2011
Here's A Video Of Unigine OilRush On Linux   Linux Gaming   19 Dec 2010
Unigine Engine Ported To Android Phones, Tablets   Linux Gaming   16 Jan 2011
Here's Another New Linux Game, Using Unigine Too   Linux Gaming   16 Dec 2010
A New Trailer Of id Software's Rage   Linux Gaming   27 Feb 2011
Another Studio Is Working On A Unigine-Based Game   Linux Gaming   31 Aug 2011
A New Linux Game Update For The Holidays   Linux Gaming   21 Dec 2010
Unigine Does Terrain Tessellation, Confirms OS X Plans   Linux Gaming   10 Mar 2011
Unigine OilRush Linux Game Delayed To March 2011   Linux Gaming   07 Dec 2010
It's Already Time For A New Humble Indie Bundle   Linux Gaming   22 Nov 2011
Frozenbyte Bundle Crosses $600k, Still Free Copies   Linux Gaming   16 Apr 2011
Unigine Rolls Out Schemer, Skinner & Scratch   Linux Gaming   11 Nov 2011
Unigine Corp Tries To Lure Indie Game Developers   Linux Gaming   05 Oct 2011
Showing Off The Linux-Friendly Unigine Renderer   Linux Gaming   02 Aug 2012
Three Days Left To The Humble Introversion   Linux Gaming   03 Dec 2011
Unigine OilRush On Linux Nears Gold   Linux Gaming   12 Oct 2011
Unigine Build Now Does Multi-Player, More Destruction   Linux Gaming   31 Mar 2011
Wildfire's 0 A.D. Game Progresses With New Alpha   Linux Gaming   19 Oct 2010
Unigine OilRush Game Is Coming To Steam   Linux Gaming   22 Mar 2011
A New Video Highlighting Unigine's OilRush Game   Linux Gaming   30 Dec 2010
Unigine Engine Receives Major Feature Update   Linux Gaming   03 Jun 2011
A New Trailer Of Unigine's OilRush Linux Game   Linux Gaming   11 Jun 2011
Double-Precision "Huge Worlds" In Unigine   Linux Gaming   25 Jul 2011
Seven Weeks Later, LGP & Its DRM Is Still Down   Linux Gaming   22 Nov 2010
Unigine Tests Key Enhancements To Unigine Engine   Linux Gaming   28 Feb 2012
Free Giveaway Of Unigine's New Linux Game Continues   Linux Gaming   30 May 2011
Unigine OilRush Game Receives More Enhancements   Linux Gaming   24 Jul 2011
Unigine OilRush Moves A Bit Further Along   Linux Gaming   24 May 2011
Unigine Is Still Tapping The Well For OilRush   Linux Gaming   17 Jun 2011
Unigine Improves Multi-Monitor, Stereo 3D Gaming   Linux Gaming   13 Sep 2011
Alien Arena 7.52 Brings Significant Game Updates   Linux Gaming   14 Oct 2011
Unigine OilRush Release Date Is Set   Linux Gaming   22 Nov 2011
OilRush Pre-Ordering Is Imminent; Unigine Now Does...   Linux Gaming   28 Feb 2011
Unigine Engine Support For OS X Becomes Official   Linux Gaming   28 Jul 2011
Unigine Engine Continues On The Mobile Front   Linux Gaming   08 Apr 2011
Unigine OilRush Needs More Time To Drill   Linux Gaming   26 Jun 2011
There Isn't Too Much Progress On Unigine Linux Titles   Linux Gaming   31 Mar 2013
Unigine Announces Plans For Expansion   Linux Gaming   27 Oct 2011
Happy Birthday Phoronix; A Final Call For OilRush   Phoronix   05 Jun 2011
Last Call To Win Free Copies Of Unigine's Linux Game   Linux Gaming   03 Apr 2011
Unigine OIlRush 1.34 Released, Now On Steam   Linux Gaming   12 Apr 2013
REMINDER: Free Unigine OilRush Giveaway Contest   Linux Gaming   02 Jun 2011