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NVIDIA 195 Linux News

PowerMizer Is Not Likely The Problem In 256.xx Issue   NVIDIA   28 May 2010
NVIDIA 195.36.24 Linux Driver Released   NVIDIA   26 Apr 2010
Nouveau Is Power Hungry On Desktops Too   Nouveau   15 Apr 2010
Ubuntu Gets Another ATI Catalyst Driver Handout   AMD   19 Mar 2010
NVIDIA Pre-Releases Its 195.xx Linux Driver   NVIDIA   17 Mar 2010
NVIDIA Publishes 195.xx Linux Driver Beta   NVIDIA   03 Feb 2010
NVIDIA To Enhance Its X Render Support?   NVIDIA   21 Jan 2010
NVIDIA Releases 195.30 Linux Beta Driver   NVIDIA   22 Dec 2009
NVIDIA 64-bit FreeBSD Graphics Driver Found   BSD   03 Dec 2009
NVIDIA Pushes Out 195.22 Beta Linux Driver   NVIDIA   24 Nov 2009
NVIDIA Prepares 195.xx Linux Driver, Carries Fermi...   NVIDIA   06 Nov 2009