Mantle is AMD's new graphics API to compete with OpenGL and Direct3D.

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Mantle Articles & Reviews

A Visual Preview of Oracle Solaris 11 Express   Operating Systems   15 Nov 2010

Mantle Linux News

Ubuntu Touch Planning Path For VoLTE/4G Support   Ubuntu   23 Jul 2021
GRVK 0.4 Released For Running AMD's Mantle API Over...   Vulkan   21 Apr 2021
GRVK 0.3 Released For Continuing To Implement AMD's...   Vulkan   14 Mar 2021
GRVK 0.2 Continues Advancing This AMD Mantle To Vulkan...   Vulkan   10 Sep 2020
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Confirmed: Vulkan Is The Next-Gen Graphics API   Vulkan   02 Mar 2015
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Khronos Needs Your Help Naming The Next-Generation...   Standards   16 Jan 2015
A New High-Performance, Bindless Graphics API Comes To...   Free Software   15 Nov 2014
Former Valve/VOGL Dev: OpenGL Next Could Take 3+ Years   Valve   09 Oct 2014
AMD Offers Mantle For OpenGL-Next, Pushes Mantle To...   AMD   14 Aug 2014
After OpenGL 4.5, The Mesa OpenGL 4 Support Matrix   Mesa   12 Aug 2014
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Next-Gen OpenGL To Be Announced Next Month   Standards   15 Jul 2014
Intel Expresses Interest In AMD's Mantle API   Standards   24 Jun 2014
AMD Reportedly Plans To Bring Mantle To Linux, Calls...   AMD   18 Jun 2014
AMD Marketing Manager Mentions Linux & Mantle   AMD   12 Jun 2014
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Former AMD Developer: OpenGL Is Broken   Standards   31 May 2014
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AMD Is Still Looking At The Feasibility Of Mantle On...   AMD   23 Mar 2014
It's Time To Ask Your Linux Gaming Questions For GDC   Linux Gaming   20 Mar 2014
Wine 1.7.14 Arrives With More Task Scheduler Support   WINE   07 Mar 2014
Intel, AMD, NVIDIA Working To Reduce OpenGL Overhead   Standards   26 Feb 2014
AMD Ends Up Releasing Catalyst 14.2 Beta For Linux   AMD   25 Feb 2014
AMD Press Talks Up Major Open-Source Linux Driver...   AMD   25 Feb 2014
AMD's Mantle Launches, But No Linux Love Yet   AMD   30 Jan 2014
Another Game Studio Backs AMD's Mantle API   Linux Gaming   25 Nov 2013
The State Of Mesa OpenGL GL3/GL4 Updated   Mesa   18 Nov 2013
AMD Wants Mantle On Linux, OS X, Mobile Devices   AMD   13 Nov 2013
AMD Radeon R9 290 Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux   Radeon   13 Nov 2013
AMD Radeon R9 290 Released At $399 Price Point   Radeon   05 Nov 2013
OpenMoko Might Live On With N900 Phone Base   Hardware   02 Nov 2013
AMD's Mantle Graphics API For Linux?   AMD   27 Sep 2013