LunarG is a company specializing in graphics driver development.

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How Open-Source Allowed Valve To Implement VULKAN Much...   Linux Gaming   03 Apr 2015
LunarG ILO Gallium3D vs. Intel's DRI Driver On Mesa...   Display Drivers   13 Jun 2014

LunarG Linux News

Valve Developed An Intel Linux Vulkan GPU Driver   Intel   05 Mar 2015
Major Performance Breakthrough Discovered For Intel's...   Intel   05 Nov 2014
Learning More About The Intel Vulkan Driver, Linux...   Valve   12 Mar 2015
Reverse Engineering PowerVR Is Now A High Priority   GNU   13 Feb 2011
The Top Features Of Mesa 10.1 For Linux GPU Drivers   Mesa   08 Feb 2014
Valve-Sponsored Mesa Work Makes Games Load A Lot...   Mesa   04 May 2014
It's Been 3 Years Since Valve Launched The Steam Linux...   Valve   07 Nov 2015
Intel Has Quietly Been Working On A New Gallium3D...   Intel   17 Aug 2018
November Was Great For Linux Users, But December Will...   Phoronix   30 Nov 2014
Mesa Vulkan Branch Published For Intel Linux Support   Intel   16 Feb 2016
Details On NVIDIA's Vulkan Driver, Sounds Like It Will...   NVIDIA   02 Sep 2015
Wine-Vulkan Is Making Progress For Windows Vulkan...   WINE   22 Nov 2017
2015 Was A Stellar Year For Linux Gaming   Linux Gaming   26 Dec 2015
Khronos To Develop New Standard For VR   Standards   06 Dec 2016
LunarG Proposes A Shader And Kernel Compiler Stack   Mesa   18 Oct 2010
Android Support Merged Into Mesa / Gallium3D   Mesa   24 Aug 2011
Vulkan Crosses 1,000 Projects On GitHub   Vulkan   19 Apr 2017
Linux 4.0 Will Run Source Engine Games Faster For...   Linux Kernel   12 Mar 2015
Mesa Is Now Lighter By 58,000+ Lines Of Code   Mesa   03 Feb 2017
Vulkan Experts LunarG Split Into Two, Mobile Guys Head...   Vulkan   11 Nov 2015
The Latest Winevulkan Patches Make It Usable For Doom,...   WINE   15 Mar 2018
Future Work On The AMD GPU LLVM Back-End   AMD   15 Nov 2013
A New OpenCL Back-End For LLVM Is Published   LLVM   07 Mar 2012
Valve Optimizations, D3D9 & GL4 Topped Mesa This...   Mesa   26 Dec 2014
An Improved Experience With Qt Scene Graph   Qt   02 Nov 2010
Exciting Graphics Driver Changes Coming In Linux 3.19   Linux Kernel   07 Dec 2014
It's Looking Like The Intel Gallium3D "ILO"...   Intel   01 Feb 2017
NVIDIA Continues Ramping Up Their Vulkan Articles   Vulkan   12 Feb 2016
How Far Valve Has Come: Three Years Ago They Needed...   Valve   30 Mar 2015
Mesa 10.4 Brings Performance Improvements & New...   Mesa   30 Nov 2014
Valve Funds Glassy Mesa Development For Better Driver...   Linux Gaming   07 Jun 2014
That's A Wrap: OpenGL / Vulkan BoF At SIGGRAPH   Vulkan   13 Aug 2015
Who Contributed The Most During X Server 1.9?   X.Org   02 Sep 2010
Wine 3.5 Released With Initial Vulkan Loader   WINE   30 Mar 2018
Pipeline Statistics Queries Wired Up For Intel ANV...   Intel   15 Mar 2017
An Initial Version Of LunarGLASS-LLVM For Mesa   Mesa   03 Feb 2011
GLAVE: A Debug Tool For The New Vulkan Graphics API   Vulkan   05 Mar 2015
NVIDIA's LLVM CUDA Compiler: Open-Source, 10% Faster   NVIDIA   26 Jan 2012
Valve + LunarG Open Up Their Mesa Testing Results   Valve   15 Nov 2017
Gallium3D OpenGL 4.1 State Tracker Redux   Mesa   20 Mar 2011
Khronos Group Posts Their Vulkan + SPIR-V Q&A   Vulkan   12 Mar 2015
Exclusive: LunarXchange To Help Developers Get Started...   Vulkan   11 Aug 2015
The Favorite Open-Source Vulkan Projects Of Phoronix...   Vulkan   05 Dec 2016
Pipeline Statistic Queries Land In Mesa ANV   Intel   18 Mar 2017
Wine Developers Determining How To Handle Vulkan...   WINE   18 Mar 2018
Learn How To Make Use Of Vulkan's New Debug Extension...   Vulkan   20 May 2018
GLSL IR To TGSI Translator Ready To Be Merged Into...   Mesa   15 Jun 2011
Gallium3D OpenCL May Finally Get Some Needed Love   Mesa   27 Mar 2011
Rich Geldreich On The State Of Linux Gaming   Linux Gaming   10 Nov 2014
Vulkan Working For A Drawing Program   Vulkan   27 Aug 2015
Canonical Working On Mesa Code Again For Mir   Mesa   21 Nov 2013
The Top AMD, Intel & NVIDIA Linux News For 2014   Hardware   30 Dec 2014
Intel Gallium3D Driver Gets HiZ, Other Changes   Intel   08 Jan 2014
LunarG Adds New Size Option To Further Reduce Size Of...   Vulkan   15 Dec 2017
LunarG's Vulkan SDK 1.0.68 Released   Vulkan   09 Feb 2018
Former Valve/VOGL Dev: OpenGL Next Could Take 3+ Years   Valve   09 Oct 2014
The Intel Haswell OpenGL Performance Boosting Patch Is...   Intel   06 Jan 2015
LunarG's Vulkan Layer Factory Aims To Make Writing...   Vulkan   16 Feb 2018
NVIDIA's Tegra K1 & Linux Gaming Were Popular In...   Phoronix   31 May 2014
LunarGLASS Shader Compiler Stack Is Still In...   Mesa   04 Feb 2017
Patches So Nouveau Users Can Try Out Wayland   Wayland   29 Oct 2010
Test Driving The New Intel Haswell Linux Performance...   Intel   06 Jan 2015
Vulkan 1.1.75 Released With Many Issues Resolved   Vulkan   17 May 2018
Someone Is Already Working On SPIR-V For The Nouveau...   Nouveau   06 Jul 2015
TURNIP: An Open-Source Vulkan Driver For Qualcomm...   Mesa   12 Mar 2019
Intel Opens Up Their Mesa 3D Continuous Integration...   Intel   27 Sep 2018
There Is One Week To Go To The Vulkan Webinar   Vulkan   11 Feb 2016
LunarG Contributes Their Vulkan SDK To The Khronos...   Vulkan   04 Mar 2019
LunarG Rolls Out Vulkan Configurator With Updated SDK   Vulkan   27 Nov 2018
LLVM Continues To Dominate Across Many Operating...   LLVM   01 Feb 2016
LunarG's Vulkan Sample Tutorials Is Easy For Learning...   Vulkan   23 Sep 2016
Wine Developers Are Creating Their Own Vulkan Loader...   WINE   27 Mar 2018
Vulkan Debug Report Extension For Intel's ANV Driver   Intel   24 Aug 2017
RADV Achieves Same-Day Conformance For Vulkan 1.1   Vulkan   07 Mar 2018
NVIDIA 415.22.05 Driver Taps New Vulkan Extensions,...   NVIDIA   06 Jan 2019
Open-Source SPIR-V Reader & Writer Written In Java   Free Software   05 Mar 2015
A Mesa Branch Provides GLSL IR To TGSI Translator   Mesa   28 Apr 2011
LunarG Pushes Forward To Advance Open-Source Graphics   Mesa   18 Oct 2013
Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge Gallium3D Driver Merged   Intel   26 Apr 2013
LunarGLASS Adds Experimental SPIR-V Front-End   Mesa   05 Mar 2015
Intel Gallium3D Driver Continues Advancing   Intel   23 Feb 2014
Linux Wasn't Too Popular At GDC 2014   Linux Gaming   21 Mar 2014
Zack Rusin Talks About Gallium3D's TGSI IR   Mesa   28 Oct 2010
Intel ILO Gallium3D Driver Updated For Broadwell   Intel   11 Feb 2015
Intel ILO Gallium3D Driver Proposed For Removal, But...   Mesa   06 Dec 2016
LunarG Rolls Out Vulkan "DevSim" Device...   Vulkan   23 Jan 2018
Mesa Gets Two New OpenGL 4.x Support Patch Series   Mesa   06 Nov 2013
ILO Gallium3D Continues Marching To Its Own Beat   Mesa   20 Jun 2015
The Plethora Of Linux Hardware Tests Coming: Linux...   Hardware   13 Jun 2014
Vulkan 1.1.97 Released With Five New Extensions   Vulkan   06 Jan 2019
Experimental Patches Add NIR As Alternate IR To...   Mesa   19 Oct 2015
The Vega State Tracker Gets Cleaned, OpenVG 1.1   Mesa   30 Nov 2010
Mesa LunarGLASS: Not Much Is Happening   Mesa   16 Jul 2012
Intel Gallium3D Driver Now Supports GLSL 1.40   Intel   13 Jun 2013
Khronos Is Hosting A Vulkan "Special...   Vulkan   08 Feb 2016
Gallium3D Driver Comes For Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge   Intel   13 Dec 2012
Modern Intel Gallium3D Driver Proposed For Mainline   Mesa   16 Apr 2013
New GLSL To LLVM Implementation For Mesa   Mesa   12 Sep 2012
Recapping The Linux News From GDC 2014   Linux Gaming   23 Mar 2014
A Deep Dive Into Vulkan's Validation Layers   Vulkan   28 Sep 2016