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Ampere Computing Steps Up With Monthly Open-Source...   Hardware   06 Oct 2021
Intel's Cloud-Hypervisor 16 Adds ARM64 ACPI + UEFI...   Intel   11 Jun 2021
ASpeed AST2500 SSIF BMC Driver Being Worked On For The...   Hardware   21 May 2021
AMI Is Getting Involved With Open-Source Firmware...   Hardware   12 May 2021
LinuxBoot Pulls In For Easily Booting...   Coreboot   05 May 2021
Ampere Making Progress On Open-Source Firmware For...   Free Software   24 Feb 2021
Webboot Is Becoming Quite Useful For Quickly/Easily...   Free Software   07 Dec 2020
Coreboot Seeing Tigerlake + Jasperlake Activity,...   Coreboot   02 Jan 2020
Coreboot Had An Exciting Decade Thanks To Google's...   Coreboot   28 Dec 2019
Ice Lake, Threadripper, New CPU Vulnerabilities +...   Phoronix   30 Nov 2019
LinuxBoot Continues Maturing - Now Able To Boot...   Linux Security   12 Nov 2019
Oreboot Is Taking Shape As Rust'ed, Purely Open-Source...   Coreboot   03 Sep 2019
AMD Is Hiring For Coreboot Development, Sponsoring...   AMD   30 Aug 2019
System76 Preparing To Roll Out Their First...   Coreboot   11 Aug 2019
How Can AMD EPYC "Rome" 7002 Series Be Even...   AMD   08 Aug 2019
Google Engineers Get Windows Booting When Kexec'ed...   Google   06 Aug 2019
ModernFW Was An Exciting Announcement This Week That...   Intel   17 May 2019
Intel Working On Some Interesting Coreboot...   Coreboot   19 Mar 2019
Coreboot Support For Intel TXT Is Being Brought Up   Coreboot   08 Mar 2019
Measured Boot Support Is Heading To Coreboot   Coreboot   26 Feb 2019
At Just Over One Year Old, LinuxBoot Continues Making...   Coreboot   06 Feb 2019
Intel Working On Open-Sourcing The FSP - Would Be Huge...   Intel   12 Dec 2018
Why Facebook Loves Open-Source Firmware   Free Software   06 Oct 2018
The State Of LinuxBoot For Replacing Proprietary UEFI...   Coreboot   04 Oct 2018
System76 To Release A "New Open-Source...   Hardware   27 Sep 2018
It's The Season For A Lot Of Interesting Linux /...   KDE   25 Aug 2018
Intel Has Also Relicensed Their FSP Binaries: A Big...   Intel   24 Aug 2018
Equus WHITEBOX OPEN: A Line Of...   Hardware   21 Jun 2018
Embedded Linux Conference 2018 Wraps Up In Portland   Linux Events   15 Mar 2018
Intel Open-Sources Sound Firmware, Pushing For More...   Intel   14 Mar 2018
Linux Foundation Announces "LinuxBoot" To...   Hardware   25 Jan 2018