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Linux Vendor Firmware Service Linux News

Linux Vendor Firmware Service Serves Up 40 Millionth...   LVFS   01 Dec 2021
FWUPD Linux Firmware Updater Prepares "Best Known...   LVFS   29 Nov 2021
BIOS Updates Begin Appearing For New Intel Privilege...   Intel   11 Nov 2021
Ubuntu Continues Work On Flutter+Dart Written...   Ubuntu   03 Nov 2021
FWUPD 1.7 Released With Supporting More Hardware For...   LVFS   06 Oct 2021
LVFS Serves Up 2+ Million Firmware Downloads In The...   LVFS   17 Sep 2021
Intel Crocus, Linux 5.13, Other Vendor Happenings Made...   Phoronix   30 Jun 2021
It's Good But Maybe Bad: LVFS Skyrockets With More...   LVFS   17 Jun 2021
FWUPD 1.6 Released For Latest Linux Firmware Updating...   LVFS   26 Apr 2021
LVFS Serves Up 25 Million Firmware/BIOS Updates To...   LVFS   03 Mar 2021
FWUPD Is Being Ported To The BSDs To Handle Firmware...   LVFS   07 Feb 2021
ASUS Offers First Motherboard Firmware Update Via...   LVFS   09 Nov 2020
Fwupd 1.5 Released With Expanded Hardware Support, New...   LVFS   26 Oct 2020
LVFS/Fwupd Serve More Than 20 Million Firmware...   LVFS   28 Sep 2020
Intel mOS, Cachy, Mozilla Layoffs Were The Open-Source...   Phoronix   01 Sep 2020
Many Linux Developers Are Ecstatic Over Fedora On...   Hardware   31 Aug 2020
A "Large Hardware Vendor" Wants A EULA...   Hardware   10 Aug 2020
LVFS Serves Up Over 17 Million Firmware Files To Linux...   LVFS   29 Jun 2020
LVFS 1.2 Released As The Project Serves Up 16 Million...   LVFS   09 Jun 2020
Fwupd 1.4 Released With Many Improvements For...   LVFS   14 Apr 2020
Fwupd+LVFS Begins Rolling Out Firmware Update Support...   LVFS   14 Mar 2020
Jcat: A New Alternative To Microsoft Catalog Files   Free Software   28 Feb 2020
The Meteoric Rise Of Fwupd+LVFS For Linux Firmware...   LVFS   04 Feb 2020
Fwupd 1.3.6 Firmware Updater Released With Initial...   LVFS   30 Dec 2019
Google To Require "Designed For Chromebook"...   Google   18 Nov 2019
Coreboot Support Is Being Worked On For Fwupd/LVFS   LVFS   12 Nov 2019
Lenovo To Address Linux Laptop Thermal Throttling,...   Intel   27 Sep 2019
Acer Begins Publishing UEFI Firmware Updates For Linux...   LVFS   11 Sep 2019
LVFS Could Be Hosting 10k+ Firmware Files By End Of...   LVFS   07 Apr 2019
LVFS Served Up 500k Firmware Files To Linux Users This...   LVFS   31 Mar 2019
LVFS Officially Joins The Linux Foundation   LVFS   28 Mar 2019
Fwupd+LVFS Begins Eyeing The Enterprise For Easier...   LVFS   05 Mar 2019
The Linux Vendor Firmware Service Has Served Up More...   Hardware   15 Feb 2019
Select HP Systems Can Now Update Their Firmware From...   LVFS   01 Feb 2019
Firmware Vendor Phoenix Tech Joins The LVFS For Linux...   LVFS   09 Jan 2019
AMI Is The Latest Vendor Joining The Linux Vendor...   Hardware   07 Dec 2018
LVFS Gaining More Recognition For Firmware Updates,...   LVFS   30 Oct 2018
Realtek USB3 Hubs Will See Firmware Updates Delivered...   LVFS   28 Aug 2018
AKiTiO Thunderbolt Devices Begin Receiving Firmware...   Hardware   23 Aug 2018
The Next Challenge For Fwupd / LVFS Is Supporting NVMe...   LVFS   20 Aug 2018
Lenovo To Make Their BIOS/UEFI Updates Easier For...   LVFS   06 Aug 2018
System76 vs. The LVFS Firmware Updating Service   LVFS   12 May 2018
Dell Moves Forward With Firmware Updating On Linux   Hardware   09 Feb 2016
Dell Will Begin Making Their UEFI Firmware Easy To...   Hardware   10 Dec 2015
The Linux Vendor Firmware Service Continues Maturing   GNOME   22 Aug 2015
Linux Vendor Firmware Service Launches   GNOME   24 Jun 2015