Lima is the open-source, reverse-engineered graphics driver project for ARM's Mali graphics cores.

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Lima Linux News

Mesa's Lima Gallium3D Driver Lands 4x MSAA Support   Mesa   28 Jun 2022
More Old GLSL Code Is Gutted From Mesa 22.2   Mesa   06 Jun 2022
Lima: Another Way Of Spinning Up Simple, Integrated...   Virtualization   17 May 2021
Mesa 21.1 Released With RADV Variable Rate Shading,...   Mesa   05 May 2021
Mesa 21.1-rc1 Released With RADV Optimizations, Faster...   Mesa   14 Apr 2021
Mesa 21.1 Wires Up Lima Shader Disk Cache   Mesa   25 Mar 2021
Mesa's Lima Driver Finally Implements OpenGL Shader...   Mesa   17 Jan 2021
Linux 5.8 Graphics Updates Sent In With AMDGPU TMZ...   Linux Kernel   02 Jun 2020
Linux 5.8 Feature Queue Has Multiple Performance...   Linux Kernel   26 May 2020
Linux's Lima DRM Driver For Arm Mali Finally Seeing...   Arm   08 May 2020
Lima Gallium3D Driver Picks Up Multi-Submit...   Mesa   17 Feb 2020
Mesa Development Activity Was Up By ~20% In 2019, Just...   Mesa   03 Jan 2020
Lima Gets Tiling While Vulkan Turnip Lands SSBO +...   Mesa   05 Dec 2019
Lima Gallium3D Picks Up A Buffer Object Cache, Partial...   Mesa   23 Sep 2019
Lima Gallium3D Gets A Reworked Scheduler   Mesa   21 Jul 2019
Mesa 19.1 Released With Experimental Intel Gallium3D,...   Mesa   11 Jun 2019
Mesa 19.1-RC4 Released With More RadeonSI, Lima,...   Mesa   29 May 2019
Linux 5.2 DRM Makes Icelake Production-Ready, Adds...   Linux Kernel   09 May 2019
The Huge Linux 5.2 Kernel Merge Window Kicks Off   Linux Kernel   06 May 2019
Linux 5.2 Will Be A Huge Release: EXT4 Case...   Linux Kernel   29 Apr 2019
Panfrost DRM Driver Being Added To Linux 5.2 For...   Arm   20 Apr 2019
The Lima DRM/KMS Driver Is Ready For Introduction With...   Linux Kernel   12 Apr 2019
Lima Driver Merged Into Mesa 19.1, Providing...   Mesa   11 Apr 2019
The Lima Gallium3D Driver Is Aiming To Be Merged In...   Mesa   16 Mar 2019
Lima DRM Driver Strikes Version Two For Mali 400/450...   Arm   27 Feb 2019
ARM Mali 400/500 DRM Driver Volleyed Out Again, Trying...   Linux Kernel   06 Feb 2019
The Qualcomm MSM DRM Driver Prepares To Switch To The...   Linux Kernel   02 Oct 2018
ARM Mali 400/450 "Lima" DRM Driver Steps...   X.Org   19 May 2018
The Linux-Lima DRM Driver For ARM Mali Hooks Up To The...   Linux Kernel   01 Apr 2018
Reverse-Engineering of ARM Mali "Midgard"...   Mesa   19 Mar 2018
Work Is Underway On Assembler, Shader Support For Chai...   Hardware   06 Mar 2018
There's An ARM Mali Gallium3D Driver Still Being...   Mesa   25 Nov 2017
Igalia Posts Initial OpenGL SPIR-V Patches For Mesa,...   Mesa   15 Nov 2017
"Chai" As An Effort For Reverse-Engineered...   Arm   05 Nov 2017
A New Mali-400 Open-Source Graphics Driver Is In...   Hardware   30 Jun 2017
New Libre-Focused ARM Board Aims To Compete With...   Arm   29 Jun 2017
Connor Abbott Is Valve's Latest Linux Graphics Driver...   Valve   08 Jun 2017
Lima Driver Code Sees First Commits In Years   Hardware   02 Apr 2016
ARM Posts A New Mali Display DRM Driver   Arm   01 Apr 2016
Core Mesa Is Now Just One Step Away From OpenGL 4.3...   Mesa   03 Feb 2016
The Intel Mesa Driver Has Gotten Faster Since...   Mesa   01 Feb 2016
What You Need To Know About SPIR-V 1.0   Standards   16 Nov 2015
Allwinner A10 DRM Display Support Being Worked On   Linux Kernel   31 Oct 2015
Work Continues On FP64 Support For OpenGL 4.0 On...   Intel   15 Aug 2015
New Mesa Vec4 Backend For Intel, Supports Their NIR...   Intel   30 Jun 2015
It Could Be A While Before Seeing The Tamil GPU Driver...   Linux Kernel   20 Feb 2015
Open-Source ARM Mali T-Series Graphics Move Along   Mesa   18 Feb 2015
The BQ Ubuntu Phone Will Be Stocked With Binary Blobs   Hardware   06 Feb 2015
NIR Lands In Mesa, New IR Started By High Schooler...   Mesa   15 Jan 2015
Tamil: Bringing Open-Source Graphics To ARM's Mali...   Arm   08 Jan 2015
NIR Has Been Revised As A New IR For Mesa   Mesa   18 Dec 2014
No, ARM Didn't Open-Source Their Full Mali Linux...   Arm   02 May 2014
Broadcom's New Open-Source GPU Stack Earns Praise   Hardware   05 Mar 2014
FOSDEM 2014 X.Org/Graphics Talks Published   X.Org   02 Jan 2014
Lima Driver Has Some Speed Wins, But Will Not Be...   Hardware   02 Oct 2013
The State Of Open-Source ARM GPU Drivers   Arm   27 Sep 2013
Luc Verhaegen Comments On Intel/Mir Politics   Intel   10 Sep 2013
The Lima Mesa Driver Can Now Handle ES2Gears   Mesa   04 Sep 2013
ARM Mali Mesa Driver, New Code & Overclocking   Mesa   06 Jun 2013
GOCL: Bringing OpenCL To GNOME Software   GNOME   05 May 2013
The State Of ARM SoC GPU Linux Drivers   Arm   26 Apr 2013
Lima Driver Makes Progress With Shaders   Mesa   19 Mar 2013
Ubuntu For Tablets Announcement A Let Down   Ubuntu   19 Feb 2013
ARM: This Open-Source Stack Will Only Grow Louder   Arm   13 Feb 2013
FOSDEM 2013: Lots Of Wine, X.Org & Micro-Kernels   Free Software   11 Feb 2013
Lima Graphics Driver Can Beat ARM's Binary Blob   Arm   06 Feb 2013
New ARM X.Org Driver Promises Better Performance   X.Org   01 Feb 2013
X.Org @ FOSDEM 2013 Is Less Than One Month Away   X.Org   10 Jan 2013
Freedreno Gallium3D Driver Begins To Work   Hardware   11 Dec 2012
Lima GPU Driver Faces Changes, Advancements   Free Software   07 Dec 2012
Freedreno GPU Driver Still Being Actively Developed   Hardware   05 Dec 2012
The PengPod Linux Tablet Is Becoming A Reality   Hardware   04 Dec 2012
Linux Users Might See A PowerVR Holiday Surprise   Hardware   25 Nov 2012
Raspberry Pi GPU Driver Turns Out To Be Crap   Raspberry Pi   24 Oct 2012
Raspberry Pi Gets Fully Open-Source Graphics Stack   Raspberry Pi   24 Oct 2012
Samsung Set To Open-Source Parts Of The Exynos   Hardware   22 Oct 2012
NVIDIA To Publicly Release Some Documentation   NVIDIA   21 Sep 2012
Major Open-Source ARM Announcement Coming   Free Software   13 Jul 2012
Open-Source Freedreno Hits New 3D Milestone   Hardware   30 Jun 2012
Freedreno 3D Driver Hits Rendering Milestone   Free Software   26 Jun 2012
OpenFIMG Graphics Driver Slow To Advance   Free Software   24 Jun 2012
Today Is Fedora's Beefy Miracle Day (F17 Release)   Fedora   29 May 2012
Open-Source ARM Mali Driver Update (Lima)   Arm   27 May 2012
The Portal Cube Shown On Open-Source Linux   Linux Gaming   25 May 2012
Many FSF Priority Projects Still Not Progressing   GNU   22 Apr 2012
Open-Source ARM Mali Graphics Driver Achieves...   Arm   12 Apr 2012
FOSDEM 2012 Summary, Videos To Watch   Free Software   18 Feb 2012
Demo Of The Lima Driver On The KDE Spark Tablet   Free Software   11 Feb 2012
Open-Source ARM Mali Code Published   Free Software   10 Feb 2012
The First Shots Of "Limare" Running On Linux   Free Software   03 Feb 2012
Raspberry Pi's Nonchalant Graphics Stack For Linux   Raspberry Pi   01 Feb 2012
KDE's Plasma Active Shipping On New ARM Tablet   KDE   29 Jan 2012
Announcing The Lima Open-Source GPU Driver   Free Software   27 Jan 2012