Libreboot is a free software downstream of Coreboot aiming to provide 100% free software BIOS/firmware for capable systems.

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Libreboot Linux News

Older Intel Graphics With Crocus Enjoy...   Intel   13 Jul 2021
Libreboot Sees First New Release In Nearly 5 Years,...   Coreboot   23 May 2021
Trisquel 9.0 Released - Powered By The Linux 4.15...   Operating Systems   19 Oct 2020
Coreboot Had An Exciting Decade Thanks To Google's...   Coreboot   28 Dec 2019
The Hurd Microkernel Still Isn't Ready But GNU Had A...   GNU   25 Dec 2019
Free Software Foundation Certifies Talos II With...   Free Software   07 Nov 2019
The Mission Of Coreboot - Is It About Open-Source Or...   Coreboot   08 Sep 2019
Some Intel Firmware Binaries Will Reportedly Be More...   Intel   05 Sep 2019
Oreboot Is Taking Shape As Rust'ed, Purely Open-Source...   Coreboot   03 Sep 2019
A New Effort Trying Again To Mainline Linux Kernel...   Hardware   09 Mar 2019
FSF Certifies Another New But Old Re-Branded Opteron...   Hardware   07 Feb 2019
System76 To Release A "New Open-Source...   Hardware   27 Sep 2018
FSF Certifies Refurbished Lenovo X200 Convertible...   GNU   30 May 2018
Development On The Chai Mali T700 Open-Source GPU...   Mesa   21 Feb 2018
The Most Popular Articles On Phoronix In 2017   Phoronix   31 Dec 2017
RMS Comments, GRUB, Libreboot & GCC Dominated GNU...   GNU   09 Dec 2017
FSF Certifies Another Batch Of Old Hardware For...   Free Software   07 Jul 2017
Libreboot Is Now Considering Whether To Re-Join The...   GNU   22 Apr 2017
AMD Ryzen, Valve, Linux 4.10~4.11 & Kabylake...   Phoronix   26 Mar 2017
Dell Is Exploring The Use Of Coreboot, At Least...   Coreboot   23 Mar 2017
FSF Certifies Three More Devices For Respecting Your...   GNU   06 Mar 2017
Kabylake, GCC 7, Binary Blobs, Vulkan & Other...   Phoronix   31 Jan 2017
Librecore: Aiming To Be A Better Libre Spin Of...   Coreboot   19 Jan 2017
It's Now Possible To Disable & Strip Down Intel's...   Intel   12 Jan 2017
The POWER8 Libre System Looks Set To Fail, Now There's...   AMD   09 Jan 2017
Richard Stallman: Goodbye to GNU Libreboot   GNU   05 Jan 2017
The Top GNU News Of 2016: Hurd, Libreboot, GCC, GRUB   GNU   29 Dec 2016
POWER8 Workstation Launches On Crowdfunding: $4k For...   Hardware   15 Oct 2016
Vim 8.0, macOS Sierra, Libreboot, & GCC Were...   Phoronix   01 Oct 2016
Libreboot Drama Continues, GNU Might Keep The Project   Coreboot   24 Sep 2016
FSF, RMS Issue Statements Over Libreboot's Accusations   GNU   17 Sep 2016
Libreboot Leaves The GNU, The Free Software Foundation...   GNU   15 Sep 2016
GNU Libreboot Adds Support For Another (Outdated)...   Coreboot   07 Sep 2016
GNU Libreboot Release Adds New Chromebook &...   GNU   18 Aug 2016
Acer's CXI2 Chromebox Now Has Upstream Coreboot...   Coreboot   16 Jun 2016
FSF Issues Statement Against Intel's Management Engine...   GNU   10 Jun 2016
Libreboot, Coreboot Downstream, Becomes A GNU Project   GNU   19 May 2016
Developer Warns Of "Uncorrectable Freedom &...   Linux Security   05 Apr 2016
Coreboot Receives Initial POWER8 Support   Coreboot   20 Feb 2016
Another Intel Motherboard Has Been Set Free All The...   Coreboot   30 Jan 2016
Libreboot Now Supports Another AMD Motherboard   Programming   30 Jan 2016
Coreboot Ported To The Librem 13 Laptop, Without...   Coreboot   17 Jan 2016
Libreboot Gets Support For An Older Core 2 Desktop...   Coreboot   05 Jan 2016
The New GNU News Of 2015   GNU   25 Dec 2015
Free Software Foundation Certifies Another Laptop   GNU   11 Dec 2015
The Free Software Foundation Updates Its Gift Giving...   GNU   02 Dec 2015
Another Old AMD Board Is Now Supported By Coreboot   Coreboot   10 Nov 2015
A Modern Server Motherboard Is Now Supported By...   Coreboot   21 Oct 2015
Libreboot Now Supports The Chromebook C201   Coreboot   12 Oct 2015
FSF Endorses Yet Another (Outdated) Laptop   GNU   29 Sep 2015
Purism Librem 13 Funded, But Will Likely Fail To...   Coreboot   16 Sep 2015
Librem 13 Free Software Laptop Nears Funding Goals,...   Hardware   07 Sep 2015
Libreboot Ported To A Sub-$200 ARM Chromebook   Coreboot   12 Aug 2015
Purism Librem Laptops Remain Blobbed Up, Less Than...   Hardware   26 Jul 2015
Libreboot Adds Experimental ThinkPad R500 Support   Coreboot   25 Jul 2015
Libreboot Now Supports An AMD/ASUS Motherboard   Coreboot   28 Jun 2015
The Binary Blobs Making Up Coreboot   Coreboot   01 Mar 2015
Librem 15 Linux Laptop Set To Close At Around $400k...   Hardware   31 Jan 2015
Free Software Foundation Endorses Another (Outdated)...   GNU   29 Jan 2015
Hurd & Guix Were Among The GNU Projects Making...   GNU   28 Dec 2014
Expensive "Free/Libre Software Laptop" Uses...   Hardware   25 Nov 2014
Coreboot Adds Lenovo X220 With Native Sandy Bridge...   Coreboot   30 Aug 2014
Coreboot Now Works On The Older MacBook 1,1 Too   Coreboot   18 Aug 2014
FSF Talks Up Libreboot As New Coreboot Downstream   GNU   05 Aug 2014