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Language Server Protocol Linux News

KDE's Kate Text Editor Plans Improvements To Better...   KDE   10 Sep 2019
Qt 5.13.1 Has ~500 Bug Fixes While Qt Creator 4.10...   Qt   08 Sep 2019
Qt Creator 4.10 RC Available With Support For Pinning...   Qt   03 Aug 2019
Qt Creator 4.10 Beta Allows Pinning Files, Support For...   Qt   20 Jun 2019
Qt Creator 4.9 Released With Expanded Language Server...   Qt   15 Apr 2019
Qt Creator 4.9 Is Around The Corner With Expanded...   Qt   27 Mar 2019
Qt Creator 4.9 Beta Brings Expanded LSP Support, Perf...   Qt   21 Feb 2019
Apple Opens Up Swift/C LSP Based On Clangd   LLVM   15 Jan 2019
Qt 5.12 Released With Many Improvements, Joined By Qt...   Qt   06 Dec 2018
Qt Creator 4.8 Rolls Into Beta With C++ Improvements,...   Qt   11 Oct 2018
Facebook Releases HHVM 3.23 With OpenSSL 1.1 Support,...   Free Software   18 Nov 2017
GCC Is Working On An Implementation Of Microsoft's...   GNU   24 Jul 2017
Clangd: LLVM's Clang Gets A Server   LLVM   13 Feb 2017