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Red Hat Is Hiring More LLVM Compiler Engineers   Red Hat   06 May 2021
Radeon "GFX90A" Added To LLVM As Next-Gen...   Radeon   19 Feb 2021
LLVM Has Fleshed Out Its Plan For Replacing...   LLVM   14 Nov 2020
LLVM Developers Looking At Phasing Out Intel MMX...   LLVM   02 Sep 2020
GCC Is Currently Faster Than LLVM's Clang At Compiling...   GNU   02 Sep 2020
Registration Opens For 2020 Virtual LLVM Developers'...   LLVM   30 Aug 2020
LLVM Developers Plotting Path Forward For Moving To A...   LLVM   19 Jun 2020
LLVM Developers Are Still Debating How To Handle The...   Intel   25 Mar 2020
LLVM 10 Adds Option To Help Offset Intel JCC Microcode...   Intel   16 Jan 2020
LLVM Developers Discuss Improved Decision Making...   LLVM   16 Jan 2020
MLIR Lands In LLVM - Boosting LLVM For Heterogeneous...   LLVM   30 Dec 2019
LLVM Began Its Dominance Of The Compiler Landscape...   LLVM   25 Dec 2019
LLVM Begins Landing Preliminary Patches Around Intel's...   Intel   22 Dec 2019
LLVM Developers Have Been Reviewing Work To Offset The...   LLVM   23 Nov 2019
LLVM Plans To Switch From Its SVN To Git Workflow Next...   LLVM   15 Oct 2019
GCC Developers Look At Transitioning Their Codebase To...   GNU   30 Sep 2019
Unity Is Growing Their LLVM Compiler Team As They Try...   Linux Gaming   07 Apr 2019
A Big Patch Could Yield Big Performance Benefits For...   LLVM   15 Mar 2019
The LLVM Codebase Is Moving Past C++11 This Year,...   General   23 Jan 2019
LLVM Is Nearly Finalized On Its Repository Conversion...   LLVM   08 Jan 2019
2018 Marked Another Interesting Year For The LLVM...   LLVM   31 Dec 2018
LLVM Developers Are Still Working On Their Massive...   LLVM   21 Dec 2018
2018 LLVM Developers' Meeting Videos Now Online   LLVM   19 Nov 2018
NVIDIA Developers Express Interest In Helping Out...   NVIDIA   21 Oct 2018
LLVM's Codebase Will Likely Move To C++17 Next Year   LLVM   20 Oct 2018
LLVM Continues Working On Its Transition From SVN To...   LLVM   19 Oct 2018
LLVM Still Proceeding With Their Code Relicensing   LLVM   17 Oct 2018
LLVM Developers Still Discussing SPIR-V Support Within...   LLVM   17 Sep 2018
LLVM 7.0 RC2 Along With The Updated Clang Can Be...   LLVM   25 Aug 2018
Speculative Load Hardening Lands In LLVM For Spectre...   LLVM   13 Jul 2018
EuroLLVM 2018 Session Videos Now Available   LLVM   08 May 2018
One Of LLVM's Top Contributors Quits Development Over...   LLVM   02 May 2018
Khronos Members Hope To Begin Landing OpenCL C++...   LLVM   27 Mar 2018
Initial Retpoline Support Added To LLVM For Spectre v2...   Linux Security   22 Jan 2018
More Linux Kernel & GCC Patches Come Out In The...   Linux Kernel   04 Jan 2018
LLVM Continued In Its Quest For Innovative Compiler...   LLVM   26 Dec 2017
LLVM Gets New Scheduler Data For Sandy Bridge, Other...   LLVM   17 Jul 2017
OpenCL-Over-Vulkan Could Be Here Soon   Vulkan   21 Jun 2017
LLVM Still Working Towards Apache 2.0 Relicensing   LLVM   24 Apr 2017
LLVM Confirms Its New Major Version Bumping Scheme   LLVM   15 Dec 2016
LLVM Still Looking At Migration To GitHub   LLVM   24 Oct 2016
Mesa Hasn't Been Branched Yet Due To LLVM Issues   Mesa   19 Oct 2016
ALLVM: Forthcoming Project to Ship All Software As...   LLVM   17 Oct 2016
LLVM Still Pursuing Apache 2.0 License + GPLv2...   LLVM   19 Sep 2016
LLVM Might Get An AAP Back-End (Altruistic Processor)   LLVM   28 Aug 2016
LLVM 3.9 Has Been Branched, LLVM 4.0 Will Be Up Next   LLVM   18 Jul 2016
LLVM Looks At Moving From SVN To Git Via GitHub   LLVM   31 May 2016
LLVM May Change How It Does Its Releases   LLVM   15 May 2016
LLVM Pulls In More Than $300,000 USD A Year In...   LLVM   29 Apr 2016
LLVM's New LLD ELF Linker Continues To Mature For...   LLVM   04 Apr 2016
Google's Lanai Backend Merged Into LLVM   LLVM   28 Mar 2016
Google Looks To Open Up StreamExecutor To Make GPGPU...   Programming   10 Mar 2016
LLVM / Clang 3.9 Is Now Under Development   LLVM   13 Jan 2016
AMD Working On CUDA Source Translation Support To...   AMD   16 Nov 2015
AMD Plans To Contribute Heterogeneous Compute Compiler   AMD   16 Nov 2015
GPUCC: Google's Open-Source CUDA Compiler   Programming   16 Nov 2015
LLVM Enables New SLP Vectorize Option By Default   LLVM   14 Nov 2015
2015 LLVM Developers' Meeting Videos Published   LLVM   11 Nov 2015
LLVM Developers Discuss Relicensing Code To Apache...   LLVM   26 Oct 2015
LLVM Drops Windows XP Support; Work Continues On CMake...   LLVM   05 Oct 2015
An AVR Backend To LLVM Is Working Towards Being...   LLVM   30 Sep 2015
LLVM Becomes A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit   LLVM   20 Aug 2015
WebAssembly LLVM Backend Being Discussed   LLVM   17 Jun 2015
LLVM Preparing To Raise Its Visual Studio Requirements   LLVM   31 Jan 2015
LLVM Developers Are Bringing LLDB To Windows   LLVM   20 Jan 2015
Apple Works To Bring Loop Distribution/Partial...   Apple   18 Jan 2015
The Most Viewed Compiler News & Milestones Of This...   Programming   27 Dec 2014
LLVM 2014 Developer Meeting Slides & Videos   LLVM   08 Dec 2014
More Details On GCC & LLVM Collaboration   GNU   06 Aug 2014
AMD's R600 GPU LLVM Back-End To Be Renamed   AMD   04 Aug 2014
The LLVM 2014 Developer Meeting Is At The End Of...   LLVM   17 Jul 2014
Clang Is Already Working On "Highly...   LLVM   23 Jun 2014
The LLVM 64-bit ARM64/AArch64 Back-Ends Have Merged   LLVM   24 May 2014
Apple Implements LLVM JIT Back-End For WebKit...   LLVM   14 May 2014
LLVM's 64-bit ARM Back-End Is Almost Merged With...   LLVM   09 May 2014
Changes So Far For LLVM 3.5   LLVM   07 May 2014
Apple, LLVM Developers Figure Out Their 64-Bit ARM...   LLVM   14 Apr 2014
LLVM Spun Off Into Its Own Independent, Non-Profit   LLVM   03 Apr 2014
Apple Open-Sources Their 64-bit ARM LLVM Back-End   Apple   29 Mar 2014
Some PNaCl LLVM Patches Might Make Writing LLVM...   LLVM   05 Mar 2014
LLVM Leaps Ahead With Its Migration To C++11   LLVM   01 Mar 2014
Intel's NUC, NVIDIA, Debian Drew In Lots Of Linux...   Phoronix   28 Feb 2014
GCC & LLVM Developers May Begin Collaborating   LLVM   08 Feb 2014
Richard Stallman Calls LLVM A "Terrible...   LLVM   24 Jan 2014
Future Work On The AMD GPU LLVM Back-End   AMD   15 Nov 2013
Leaf: A New "Soon To Be Great" Programming...   Free Software   10 Nov 2013
LLVM Post-3.4 To Most Likely Depend Upon C++11   LLVM   10 Nov 2013
LLVM Developers Bring Up Using C++11, Again   LLVM   29 Oct 2013
LLVM 3.4 For Christmas, Should Be "Pretty...   LLVM   28 Oct 2013
LLVM Clang 3.4 Enables SLP Vectorizer By Default   LLVM   01 Aug 2013
Google Details PNaCl Native Client LLVM Bitcode   Google   31 Jul 2013
LLDB 3.3 Grows In Use For Linux Developers   LLVM   29 Jun 2013
LLVM May Expand Its Use Of The Loop Vectorizer   LLVM   06 Jun 2013
LLVM/Clang Already Working On C++1y/C++14   LLVM   21 Apr 2013
LLVM's Clang Compiler Is Now C++11 Feature Complete   LLVM   19 Apr 2013
LLVM/Clang 3.3 Planned For Release In June   LLVM   02 Apr 2013
LLVM 3.3 Picks Up More Support For Intel AVX2   LLVM   29 Mar 2013
C Language Modules For LLVM Still Being Tackled   LLVM   20 Mar 2013
AESOP: A New Auto-Parallelizing Compiler   Programming   03 Mar 2013
LLVM 3.3 Improves Its Loop Vectorizer   LLVM   15 Feb 2013