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Kazan Linux News

LibreSOC Still Striving To Produce An Open-Source...   Hardware   06 Feb 2021
Why VALLIUM Is Just For Software-Based Vulkan &...   Vulkan   20 Aug 2020
Mesa "Vallium" - Software/CPU-Based Vulkan...   Vulkan   24 Apr 2020
Google's SwiftShader Is Becoming Conformant &...   Vulkan   24 Oct 2019
Chamferwm: A Vulkan-Powered X11 Window Manager   Vulkan   18 Feb 2019
Libre RISC-V GPU Aiming For 2.5 Watt Power Draw...   RISC-V   18 Feb 2019
A Look At The LLVMpipe OpenGL Performance On Mesa 19.0...   Mesa   16 Dec 2018
The Libre RISC-V Vulkan Accelerator Will Be Targeting...   RISC-V   05 Dec 2018
The Rust-Written Kazan Vulkan Driver Lights Up Its...   Vulkan   21 Oct 2018
Vulkan Cracks 2,500 Projects On GitHub   Vulkan   14 Oct 2018
The Kazan Vulkan CPU/Software-Based Implementation...   Vulkan   04 Oct 2018
There's A New Libre GPU Effort Building On RISC-V,...   RISC-V   28 Sep 2018
Google Is Working On Vulkan Over CPUs With SwiftShader   Vulkan   02 May 2018
POCL 1.1 Released With Experimental SPIR/SPIR-V...   Standards   09 Mar 2018
Kazan Continues Making Progress As A CPU-Based Vulkan...   Vulkan   25 Sep 2017
Kazan Begins Working On Vulkan ICD Support, More...   Vulkan   09 Sep 2017
Vulkan-CPU Is Now Known As Kazan   Vulkan   06 Sep 2017