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KWinFT Linux News

KWinFT: KDE's KWin Forked To Focus On Better Wayland...   KDE   15 Apr 2020
Linux Gaming, Qt Drama, New Hardware Kept Open-Source...   Phoronix   30 Apr 2020
KWinFT Lands Code To Now Use WLROOTS For Wayland   KDE   16 Jul 2021
KWinFT 5.24 Released - Continues To Advance Its...   KDE   09 Feb 2022
Sway's wlroots Lands Initial Vulkan Renderer   Wayland   28 Oct 2021
Two More Projects Join KWinFT Fork Of KDE KWin, Beta...   KDE   25 May 2020
KWinFT 5.21 Beta Pushes a "Monumental...   KDE   08 Feb 2021
KWinFT Continues Working On WLROOTS Render, Library...   Wayland   17 Sep 2021
KWinFT Going Through Code Refactoring, Working On...   KDE   13 Jun 2021
KDE Saw Its Wayland Support Stabilize Nicely In 2020,...   KDE   30 Dec 2020
KWinFT 5.20 With Aims For Better Wayland/X11...   KDE   15 Oct 2020
Disman Continues Taking Shape As Display Management...   KDE   23 Sep 2020
KWinFT Projects Hit Beta Ahead Of Stable Releases...   KDE   26 Sep 2020