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Jolla Linux News

Sailfish OS 4.1 Finally Embracing 64-bit, Android 10...   Operating Systems   27 May 2021
Sailfish OS 4.0.1 No Longer Support The Jolla Phone...   Operating Systems   08 Feb 2021
Sailfish OS 3.4 Released With Experimental Rust...   Operating Systems   13 Oct 2020
Sailfish OS 3.3 "Rokua" Released With Many...   Operating Systems   29 Apr 2020
Jolla Making Plans For Sailfish OS In 2020   Operating Systems   31 Dec 2019
Sailfish OS Nuuksio Adds VP9 + HEVC Hardware Video...   Operating Systems   21 Dec 2019
Sailfish OS 3.2 Released With Better Hardware...   Operating Systems   07 Nov 2019
An Interview With Zlatan Todoric, Open-Source...   Hardware   20 Oct 2019
AMD Dominated The Conversation Among Linux/Open-Source...   Phoronix   01 Aug 2019
Sailfish OS 3.1 Released As Jolla's Biggest Update In...   Operating Systems   25 Jul 2019
Sailfish OS "Hossa" Upgrades From The Old...   Operating Systems   07 May 2019
Mer Project Merging With Sailfish OS   Operating Systems   03 Apr 2019
Jolla Releases Sailfish SDK 2.0   Free Software   28 Mar 2019
Sailfish OS 3.0.2 "Oulanka" Brings Improved...   Operating Systems   25 Mar 2019
Sailfish OS "Sipoonkorpi" Brings Firewall...   Operating Systems   17 Jan 2019
Jolla Releases Sailfish 3.0 Mobile Linux Operating...   Operating Systems   31 Oct 2018
Sailfish OS "Nurmonjoki" Released For GDPR...   Operating Systems   12 Sep 2018
Jolla's Sailfish OS Ported To The Gemini PDA   Operating Systems   26 Jun 2018
Jolla's Sailfish 2.2 Rolls Out With Fingerprint...   Operating Systems   01 Jun 2018
Jolla Working To Ship Sailfish OS 3.0 This Year   Operating Systems   26 Feb 2018
Jolla Pushes Out Sailfish OS 2.1.4 Into Early Access   Operating Systems   20 Feb 2018
Sailfish X Working On File-System Encryption, Btrfs,...   Operating Systems   31 Jan 2018
Jolla's CEO Provides An End of Year Update On Sailfish...   Operating Systems   30 Nov 2017
Purism's Librem 5 Smartphone Crosses $200k In Funding   Hardware   07 Sep 2017
Purism's Librem 5 Is Nearing $100k In Funding, But A...   Hardware   27 Aug 2017
Jolla Announces Sailfish X   Hardware   25 Aug 2017
Sailfish Coming To Sony Xperia Devices, Jala &...   Hardware   21 Mar 2017
Jolla Releases Sailfish OS 2.1, Adds Copy & Paste...   Operating Systems   09 Feb 2017
Jolla Still Working On Open-Sourcing More Of Sailfish...   Operating Systems   08 Feb 2017
Jolla Experiments With A Sailfish OS Watch   Hardware   02 Dec 2016
Jolla Puts Out Sailfish OS "Fiskarsinjoki"...   Desktop   05 Oct 2016
Purism Is Still Hoping To Build A GNU/Linux Free...   Hardware   30 Sep 2016
Sailfish OS Update "Aurajoki" Released   Operating Systems   09 Sep 2016
Sailfish OS 2.0.2 In Early Access With Variety Of...   Operating Systems   29 Jul 2016
The Jolla Tablet Is Dead, But Refunds Could Take A...   Hardware   28 Jan 2016
Not Everyone Who Ordered A Jolla Tablet Will Receive...   Hardware   03 Jan 2016
Jolla Is Saved By A Fresh Round Of Funding   Free Software   18 Dec 2015
Mozilla Puts An End To Firefox OS   Mozilla   08 Dec 2015
Jetson TX1, One Second Linux & Other Open-Source...   Phoronix   30 Nov 2015
An Open Letter From Jolla's Co-Founder   Free Software   24 Nov 2015
Jolla Lays Off "A Big Part" Of Its...   Hardware   20 Nov 2015
It Was Five Years Ago Since Ubuntu Thought They Would...   Wayland   06 Nov 2015
Jolla Prepares To Begin Shipping Its...   Hardware   23 Sep 2015
Sailfish OS 2.0 UI Now In Early Access   Free Software   09 Sep 2015
Jolla Finds A Device Partner In India   Hardware   17 Jul 2015
Jolla Announces A Split, To Focus On Sailfish OS...   Hardware   07 Jul 2015
Russia Picks ReactOS As Second OS For Software Freedom   Free Software   19 Jun 2015
BQ Is Cleaning Up Their Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Kernel   Ubuntu   26 Mar 2015
The BQ Aquaris Ubuntu Phone's Kernel Appears To Be A...   Ubuntu   18 Mar 2015
X.Org & Wayland Can Both Co-Exist & Continue...   Wayland   28 Dec 2014
Jolla's Sailfish OS Update 10 Is Now Available   Operating Systems   18 Dec 2014
Jolla Tablet Could Have Upgrades For MicroSDHC, Split...   Hardware   28 Nov 2014
Meizu's Ubuntu Phone Not Expected Until Early Next...   Ubuntu   25 Nov 2014
There's Talk Again About An "Open To The...   Hardware   22 Nov 2014
Jolla Launches Tablet With Sailfish OS 2.0   Hardware   19 Nov 2014
Jolla Begins Teasing Possible New Device, Announcement...   Hardware   14 Nov 2014
It's Now Made Easier Porting Jolla's Sailfish OS To...   Free Software   20 Jul 2014
Sailfish OS EA3 For The Google Nexus 4 Adds The Jolla...   Google   23 Jun 2014
Sailfish On The Nexus 4 Now Works For Audio Phone...   Hardware   27 Apr 2014
Jolla's Sailfish OS Is Now Available For Google's...   Google   28 Mar 2014
Jolla Releases Its "Ohij√§rvi" Sailfish...   Operating Systems   17 Mar 2014
Sailfish OS 1.0 Announced, Sailfish Soon On Android   Free Software   21 Feb 2014
Jolla Ports Sailfish OS To Google Nexus 4   Hardware   23 Jan 2014
Digia Officially Releases Qt 5.2   Qt   12 Dec 2013
Canonical Now Has The Nexus 10 Running On Mir   Ubuntu   04 Dec 2013
Jolla's Smartphone Launches Today   Hardware   27 Nov 2013
Libhybris Proposed For Wayland's Weston   Wayland   06 Sep 2013
Ubuntu SDK To Look At Ports To Windows, OS X   Ubuntu   28 Aug 2013
Sailfish SDK Update Switches From X11 To Wayland   Hardware   02 Aug 2013
Jolla's First Smartphone Powered By Wayland   Hardware   13 Jul 2013
Jolla Announces Their First Phone   Hardware   20 May 2013
Mir Display Server Now Uses XKB Common   Wayland   17 Apr 2013
Mir Display Server Now Supports VT Switching   Ubuntu   13 Apr 2013
Jolla Brings Wayland Atop Android GPU Drivers   Wayland   11 Apr 2013
Jolla's Sailfish Linux OS Gets An Alpha SDK   Free Software   26 Feb 2013
Jolla Presents Sailfish OS MeeGo-Fork   Free Software   21 Nov 2012
A New Humble Bundle Launches Today   Linux Gaming   19 Mar 2012
Making Compiler, Disk Testing More Reproducible   Phoronix   13 Mar 2012