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Jason Ekstrand Linux News

PanVK Pulls Back From Advertising Vulkan 1.1 For Now   Mesa   15 Mar 2022
Panfrost's Vulkan Driver Progressing On Compute...   Mesa   09 Mar 2022
NIR Continues Successfully Serving The Needs Of Mesa,...   Mesa   29 Jan 2022
Intel's Former Vulkan Driver Lead Dev Lands Great Role...   Mesa   17 Jan 2022
RADV Now Uses Common Sync Framework For More Mesa...   Mesa   02 Jan 2022
Mesa Open-Source GPU Drivers Enjoyed Near-Record...   Mesa   26 Dec 2021
Intel's Lead Developer Of Their Linux Vulkan Driver...   Intel   19 Dec 2021
Intel's i965 Mesa Classic OpenGL Driver Will Stick...   Mesa   29 Oct 2021
Intel Talks More About Their Open-Source Vulkan...   Intel   16 Sep 2021
Vulkan 1.2.185 Introduces Several New Extensions -...   Vulkan   20 Jul 2021
Intel Proposes Calibrated Timestamps As It Works...   Vulkan   02 May 2021
AMD Proposing Redesign For How Linux GPU Drivers Work...   Mesa   20 Apr 2021
Mesa Vulkan Drivers Get A Common Dispatch Framework...   Mesa   02 Feb 2021
Mesa Enjoyed A Record-Setting Year With Intel G3D...   Mesa   01 Jan 2021
Intel Begins Their Open-Source Driver Support For...   Intel   28 Oct 2020
Intel Iris Gallium3D Driver Adds Compute Kernel...   Intel   12 Aug 2020
Vulkan 1.2.149 Released With Another Extension For...   Vulkan   03 Aug 2020
Intel Gen11+ Graphics See An Easy Bump On Mesa...   Intel   28 Apr 2020
Intel NIR I/O Vectorization Ported From The AMD ACO...   Intel   29 Mar 2020
Intel Boosts Gen7 GPU Vulkan Compute Performance By...   Intel   25 Feb 2020
Mesa Development Activity Was Up By ~20% In 2019, Just...   Mesa   03 Jan 2020
Intel iGPU Linux Gamers May Be Better Off With The...   Linux Gaming   18 Dec 2019
Intel's Vulkan Driver To Lower CPU Overhead With Mesa...   Intel   18 Nov 2019
Intel's ANV Vulkan Driver Overhauls Its Buffer...   Intel   31 Oct 2019
Mesa 19.2-RC1 Released But Intel Still Looking To Add...   Mesa   20 Aug 2019
Intel's Icelake Gen11 OpenGL & Vulkan Driver...   Intel   03 May 2019
Mesa Is About To Crack 2.7 Million Lines   Mesa   29 Apr 2019
NIR Improvements Land In Mesa 19.1, Helping RadeonSI...   Mesa   13 Mar 2019
Mesa 19.0 Picks Up Intel NIR Caching Patches To Help...   Mesa   11 Jan 2019
Intel's ANV Vulkan Driver Aiming For Transform...   Intel   09 Jan 2019
Intel Iris Gallium3D Open-Source Driver Continues...   Intel   27 Nov 2018
NVIDIA 396.54.09 Vulkan Driver Released With Transform...   Vulkan   13 Oct 2018
Intel's Vulkan Driver Is Working On A NIR Cache   Intel   13 Oct 2018
Vulkan Working On New Timeline Semaphores Feature   Vulkan   26 Sep 2018
AMD's Marek Olšák Is Dominating Mesa Open-Source GPU...   Mesa   12 Sep 2018
Intel Has Quietly Been Working On A New Gallium3D...   Intel   17 Aug 2018
VK_KHR_8bit_storage Gets Wired Into Intel's ANV Vulkan...   Intel   09 Jul 2018
Intel ANV Driver Moves Forward With Vulkan 1.1.80 /...   Intel   08 Jul 2018
Intel ANV Vulkan Driver Now Supports Automatic On-Disk...   Intel   02 Jul 2018
Intel NIR Optimizations Land In Mesa 18.2 That Help...   Mesa   02 Jul 2018
Intel Vulkan Driver Patches Make For Playable...   Intel   30 Jun 2018
Intel's Mesa Driver Prepares To Kill Off The Blitter   Intel   13 May 2018
MSAA Fast Clears Flipped On For Intel ANV Vulkan...   Mesa   01 Mar 2018
Mesa Grew By Nearly 250,000 Lines Of Code In 2017...   Mesa   02 Jan 2018
ANV Enables UBO Pushing For Another Extra Bit Of...   Intel   09 Dec 2017
16-Bit Storage, variablePointers Land For ANV Vulkan...   Mesa   06 Dec 2017
Many Vulkan Changes Hit Mesa 17.4-dev Git   Mesa   04 Dec 2017
Intel Vulkan Driver Preparing For Faster MSAA...   Intel   13 Nov 2017
Intel ANV Vulkan Driver Patches For Cross-Stage Link...   Intel   29 Oct 2017
Mesa 17.3 By The Numbers   Mesa   24 Oct 2017
i965 Shader Cache Revised As It Still Might Squeeze...   Mesa   22 Oct 2017
Mesa Is Up To About 8,000 Commits This Year, 2.2...   Mesa   10 Oct 2017
Intel Lands Vulkan External Fences Support   Intel   29 Aug 2017
Mesa Is On Track Again To See More Than 10,000 Commits...   Mesa   07 Aug 2017
VK_KHR_external_semaphore Being Prepped For Intel ANV...   Intel   04 Aug 2017
Vulkan 1.0.54 Lands In Mesa For Intel ANV, Some RADV...   Mesa   15 Jul 2017
Intel Haswell May Soon See Less Hangs With Mesa   Mesa   13 Jun 2017
Intel Gen 4~5 BLORPing Happens With Mesa 17.2 Git   Mesa   26 May 2017
Intel Developer BLORPs Older Hardware, May Help With...   Intel   16 May 2017
VK_KHX_multiview Ready For Landing Within ANV,...   Intel   28 Apr 2017
Intel Vulkan Driver Preps External Memory Extensions...   Mesa   15 Apr 2017
Vulkan's VK_KHR_incremental_present Now Supported By...   Mesa   04 Apr 2017
Mesa Has Seen Over 90k Commits, Nearly Two Million...   Mesa   29 Mar 2017
Intel's Vulkan Driver Working On VK_KHX_multiview...   Intel   23 Mar 2017
Pipeline Statistic Queries Land In Mesa ANV   Intel   18 Mar 2017
Pipeline Statistics Queries Wired Up For Intel ANV...   Intel   15 Mar 2017
Intel ANV Driver Gets Patches For...   Intel   27 Feb 2017
Mesa, Vulkan & Other Driver Talks From 2017...   Linux Events   25 Feb 2017
MSAA Compression Lands In Intel's Vulkan Driver, Big...   Intel   23 Feb 2017
MSAA Compression Support For Intel's ANV Vulkan Driver   Vulkan   20 Feb 2017
Intel's ANV Vulkan Driver Gets An Important...   Intel   14 Feb 2017
Vulkan 1.0.39 Adds A Number Of New Extensions   Vulkan   23 Jan 2017
Mesa Saw More Than 10,000 Commits This Year From...   Mesa   31 Dec 2016
Intel ILO Gallium3D Driver Proposed For Removal, But...   Mesa   06 Dec 2016
Intel Vulkan Linux Driver Now Has Patches For Fast...   Intel   19 Nov 2016
Intel Vulkan Linux Driver Lands Color Compression...   Intel   17 Nov 2016
Intel's Vulkan Linux Driver Gets ~30% Performance...   Intel   01 Nov 2016
Mesa Development Has Gone Wild This Year   Mesa   14 Oct 2016
We Might Never See A New OpenGL Version, At Least Not...   Standards   01 Oct 2016
Mesa 13.0 Planning For Release At End Of October,...   Mesa   30 Sep 2016
The Open-Source Intel Vulkan Linux Driver's Anatomy   Intel   22 Sep 2016
The Interesting Wayland/Vulkan/Graphics Talks...   X.Org   08 Sep 2016
Mesa Has Already Seen More Code Changes This Year Than...   Mesa   31 Aug 2016
Mesa Is Almost Back Up To 1.9 Million Lines Of Code   Mesa   10 Jul 2016
Intel's Vulkan Linux Driver Should Now Work With Dota...   Intel   14 Jun 2016
Multiple OpenGL 4.x Adjustments Hits Mainline Mesa   Mesa   24 May 2016
Intel Is Getting Very Close With Its Last Extension...   Intel   21 May 2016
A TODO List For Intel's Linux Vulkan Driver   Intel   20 May 2016
Intel's Vulkan Driver Merged Into Mainline Mesa   Vulkan   15 Apr 2016
Intel's Vulkan Driver Should Be Merged Into Mainline...   Intel   06 Apr 2016
A Gallium3D State Tracker For Vulkan?   Mesa   17 Feb 2016
Mesa Vulkan Branch Published For Intel Linux Support   Intel   16 Feb 2016
There Is One Week To Go To The Vulkan Webinar   Vulkan   11 Feb 2016
Intel Open-Source Developer Talks About Vulkan   Vulkan   31 Jan 2016
Mesa Saw The Most Commits Last Year Since 2010   Mesa   01 Jan 2016
NIR Mesa Functions Support Is Coming Along With SPIR-V...   Mesa   26 Dec 2015
Intel's Mesa Driver Now Uses NIR By Default For Vertex...   Mesa   20 Aug 2015
With Mesa 11.0 Coming, A Look At Development Stats   Mesa   17 Aug 2015
Intel Mesa Driver Starts Using NIR By Default For...   Mesa   11 Apr 2015
Mesa Is At Nearly 1,500 Commits This Year   Mesa   26 Mar 2015