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James Simmons Linux News

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OpenChrome: There's Apparently Not Much Left   VIA   21 May 2014
What You Won't Find In The Linux 3.13 Kernel   Linux Kernel   18 Nov 2013
Armada, VIA DRM Not For The Linux 3.11 Kernel   Free Software   01 Jul 2013
Looking Forward To The Linux 3.11 Kernel   Linux Kernel   10 Jun 2013
VIA DRM Driver Finally Proposed For Mainline Linux   Linux Kernel   08 Jun 2013
VIA OpenChrome KMS Driver Finally Goes For Mainline   VIA   26 May 2013
OpenChrome Driver Is Far From Feature Complete   VIA   06 Apr 2013
VIA Secretly Has A Working Gallium3D Driver   VIA   02 Apr 2013
OpenChrome Provides New VIA X.Org Driver   VIA   27 Mar 2013
VIA KMS Driver Now Supports HDMI Output   VIA   25 Mar 2013
VIA Kernel Mode-Setting Still Being Toyed With   VIA   16 Feb 2013
VIA DRM/KMS Driver Still Not Ready For Linux 3.8   Linux Kernel   23 Dec 2012
VIA Kernel Mode-Setting Still Not Ready For Mainline   VIA   11 Nov 2012
VIA's OpenChrome 0.3.0: "A Major Step...   VIA   24 Jul 2012
VIA Kernel Mode-Setting Code Might Merge Soon   VIA   30 Jun 2012
How-To Bang On VIA Hardware With Linux KMS   VIA   07 Mar 2012
OpenChrome VIA KMS Has A Goal For This Summer   VIA   20 Feb 2012
OpenChrome Picks Up New VIA Support, But Still Lags   VIA   10 Feb 2012
Where The Linux 3.3 Kernel Will Come Up Short   Linux Kernel   21 Jan 2012
Radeon HD 7000 Support, VIA KMS Still Missing   Linux Kernel   06 Jan 2012
Santa Raids VIA Tech For Open-Source Presents   VIA   22 Dec 2011
An OpenChrome VIA Driver Status Update   VIA   09 Nov 2011
VIA Kernel Mode-Setting Almost Handles LVDS   VIA   12 Jul 2011
VIA OpenChrome KMS Support Is Nearly Done   VIA   21 Jun 2011
VIA KMS Linux Driver Still Far From Being Ready   VIA   07 Jun 2011
Will The Linux 2.6.39 Kernel Bring Graphics Magic?   Linux Kernel   14 Mar 2011
The xf86-video-chrome Driver Is Now "Stable"   VIA   08 Mar 2011
VIA DRM Kernel Mode-Setting On The OLPC   VIA   01 Mar 2011
Yet Another VIA Linux Driver Has Arrived   VIA   05 Feb 2011
New Version Of VIA DRM TTM/GEM Patches   VIA   02 Feb 2011
The VIA TTM/GEM Patch Appears Ready   VIA   17 Jan 2011
The VIA Kernel Mode-Setting Code Progresses   VIA   11 Jan 2011
VIA KMS + TTM/GEM Driver Moves Along Without VIA   VIA   05 Jan 2011
The 3Dfx KMS Developer Now Working On VIA TTM   VIA   28 Dec 2010
The 3dfx Linux Driver Has Hope & It's Getting TTM   Hardware   15 Jul 2010
Here's The 3dfx Banshee, Voodoo DRM/KMS Driver   Linux Kernel   14 Jul 2010