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Phoronix articles, reviews and news stories covering Intel SNA. This searches our archive since the launch of Phoronix in 2004.

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Intel SNA Articles & Reviews

Intel Ivy Bridge Acceleration Of UXA vs. SNA   Display Drivers   06 Dec 2012
Intel SNA Ivy Bridge - September 2012   Display Drivers   04 Sep 2012
Intel SNA Performance Continues To Be Compelling   Display Drivers   28 Jul 2012
Intel SNA vs. UXA On Ivy Bridge (July 2012)   Display Drivers   25 Jul 2012
Intel SNA & Glamor Acceleration On Ivy Bridge   Display Drivers   25 Jun 2012
Intel Glamor Acceleration Compared To SNA, UXA   Display Drivers   17 May 2012
Intel SNA Architecture Is Constantly Evolving   Display Drivers   06 Jan 2012
Intel SNA With The 2.17 DDX Driver   Display Drivers   29 Nov 2011
Intel SNA Acceleration Architecture Continues To...   Display Drivers   30 Oct 2011
Intel SNA With Unity, Unity 2D & GNOME Shell   Display Drivers   11 Sep 2011

Intel SNA Linux News

OmniOS r151030y Brings Microcode Updates For Intel,...   Operating Systems   21 Oct 2019
Intel SNA vs. Modesetting GLAMOR - DDX Benchmarks   Intel   20 May 2016
SNA & UXA Intel Benchmarks With X.Org Server 1.16   X.Org   17 Sep 2014
New Intel GLAMOR Code Is Taking Shape & Running...   Intel   21 Jul 2014
Intel X.Org Gets DRI3+Present, Variable Cursor Sizes,...   Intel   10 Jun 2014
Nouveau 2D Rendering Is Much Slower Than Intel SNA   Nouveau   28 May 2014
GLAMOR Core Rendering Code Gets Rewritten   X.Org   19 Mar 2014
Intel SNA Performance Of Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge,...   Intel   13 Oct 2013
GLAMOR'ized Radeon Driver Shows Hope Over EXA   Radeon   03 Oct 2013
Intel 3.0 Linux Driver To Enable SNA, Support XMir   Intel   04 Sep 2013
Intel Ivy Bridge: UXA vs. SNA - Updated Benchmarks   Intel   29 May 2013
Qt/GTK Speed On Unity/KDE/Xfce/LXDE/GNOME/Razor   Desktop   28 Feb 2013
SNA Delivers Huge Gains Over UXA For Intel...   Intel   27 Feb 2013
Intel X.Org Driver Gets Hand-Tuning For SSE4, AVX2   Intel   26 Feb 2013
Chris Wilson Begins With Intel 2.21 X.Org Point...   Intel   10 Feb 2013
Intel SNA Continues To Be Tweaked   Intel   24 Jan 2013
Ubuntu Decides To Turn On Intel SNA   Ubuntu   18 Jan 2013
Ubuntu Still Deciding About Intel Acceleration Support   Intel   09 Jan 2013
Ubuntu's Unity Is Also Painful For 2D Performance   Ubuntu   05 Sep 2012
GLAMOR 0.5 Delivers Performance Improvements   Intel   18 Aug 2012
Intel Lands Some Haswell Commits For X.Org Driver   Intel   03 Aug 2012
Intel X.Org Driver Explodes Thanks To Chris Wilson   Intel   21 Jul 2012
AMD Using GLAMOR For Open HD 7000 Series 2D   AMD   10 Jul 2012
Ubuntu 12.10 Looks To Use Intel SNA Acceleration   Intel   08 Jun 2012
Image Quality: Intel Ivy Bridge vs. Radeon Gallium3D   Intel   28 Apr 2012
Happy Holidays To Phoronix Readers   Phoronix   24 Dec 2011
Intel SNA Acceleration Performance On Ironlake   Intel   15 Dec 2011
Intel's Glamor Architecture Is Becoming Glamorous   Intel   13 Dec 2011
Intel SNB RC6 On Linux 3.1 Is Both Good & Bad   Intel   27 Oct 2011