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HTC Vive Articles & Reviews

SteamVR On Linux Is Still In Frustratingly Rough Shape   Linux Gaming   18 Dec 2017
Setting Up A Better VR Space For SteamVR Linux Gaming   Linux Gaming   11 Mar 2017
SteamVR On Linux Currently Runs Well On At Least A...   Linux Gaming   28 Feb 2017
Trying The SteamVR Beta On Linux Feels More Like An...   Linux Gaming   26 Feb 2017

HTC Vive Linux News

Steam Beta Brings New Downloads Page, Linux Container...   Valve   29 Jul 2021
Monado Working On Positional Tracking Support Via...   Standards   17 Jul 2020
Half-Life: Alyx Update Adds Native Linux Support,...   Valve   15 May 2020
Valve's Half-Life: Alyx Released - Linux Build Still...   Valve   23 Mar 2020
Half-Life: Alyx Releasing In March 2020 With Linux...   Valve   21 Nov 2019
OpenHMD 0.3 Released With Support For More VR/AR...   Hardware   13 Jul 2019
OpenHMD 0.3.0-rc2 Released For This Open-Source...   Hardware   04 Jul 2019
Linux DRM Adds Quirk For Dealing With Valve's Index VR...   Valve   07 May 2019
Valve Reveals Specifications For Their Index VR...   Valve   30 Apr 2019
Unigine Superposition 1.1 Adds Linux SteamVR Support,...   Linux Gaming   15 Apr 2019
Valve Is Teasing "Index" - Its Own VR...   Valve   29 Mar 2019
VLC 4.0 Media Player Eyeing New User Interface, Better...   Multimedia   05 Feb 2019
Valve Updates SteamVR AMD Requirements, Recommends...   Valve   04 Oct 2018
Wayland's Weston Will Now Respect Your VR HMD   Wayland   24 Sep 2018
RandR Lease Support Appears Ready For AMDGPU X.Org...   Radeon   07 Jul 2018
A VR Developer's Thoughts On The Current Mess Of APIs...   Proprietary Software   27 May 2018
PlayStation VR HMD Working On Linux With SteamVR/Dota...   Linux Gaming   22 May 2018
Firefox Reality: Linux-Supported Browser For AR/VR...   Mozilla   03 Apr 2018
HTC VIVE Pro Shipping Next Month For $799 USD   Linux Gaming   19 Mar 2018
Unreal Engine 4.19 Brings Resonance Audio, AR...   Linux Gaming   14 Mar 2018
SteamVR Updated To Support The HTC VIVE Pro On Linux,...   Valve   08 Mar 2018
A Look At The Many Features To X.Org Server 1.20   X.Org   28 Feb 2018
Xorgproto 2018.3 Brings RandR Leasing + Non-Desktop...   X.Org   21 Feb 2018
RadeonSI Semaphore Begins Hitting Mesa Git, Needed By...   Valve   30 Jan 2018
Linux 4.15 Expected To Be Released Today, But It Might...   Linux Kernel   21 Jan 2018
Unreal Engine 4.19 Preview Rolls Out With Renderer...   Linux Gaming   16 Jan 2018
The HTC VIVE Pro Should Be Much Nicer For Steam VR...   Hardware   08 Jan 2018
Keith Packard Sends Out Latest Patches For RandR 1.6,...   X.Org   22 Dec 2017
X.Org Server Patches Updated For Non-Desktop &...   X.Org   08 Dec 2017
Linux 4.15 Will Treat The HTC Vive VR Headset As...   Hardware   23 Nov 2017
Linux 4.15 Is A Huge Update For Both AMD CPU &...   AMD   18 Nov 2017
Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE Provides More Steam VR Linux...   Linux Gaming   10 Nov 2017
The Talos Principle VR Launches With Linux Support   Linux Gaming   17 Oct 2017
Chromium Appears To Be Advancing Their Linux VR State   Google   29 Sep 2017
Unreal Engine 4.17 Released With Better Vulkan Support   Linux Gaming   07 Aug 2017
RadeonSI Gets Memory Objects Support In Mesa Git, Last...   Valve   06 Aug 2017
Unreal Engine 4.17 Preview 1 Ships   Linux Gaming   11 Jul 2017
Steam VR's "Knuckles" Controller Now In Dev...   Valve   22 Jun 2017
Valve Eyeing "Exclusive GPU Access" To Boost...   Valve   31 May 2017
SteamVR Dashboard On Linux Now Supports Desktop View   Valve   09 May 2017
Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter Launches On Steam   Linux Gaming   04 Apr 2017
SSVR: The First Encounter Officially Released On Steam   Linux Gaming   01 Apr 2017
Keith Packard On Needed DRM Changes For VR HMDs   Valve   28 Mar 2017
Ryzen, Linux 4.11, Windows 10 & Kabylake Were...   Phoronix   01 Mar 2017
Serious Sam VR Arrives For Linux; Our Linux VR Testing...   Linux Gaming   23 Feb 2017
Valve Publishes A SteamVR Developer Build For Linux   Valve   21 Feb 2017
Linux Gaming Was Great In 2016, But 2017 Should Be...   Linux Gaming   27 Dec 2016
Open-Source Radeon, Vulkan & Linux 4.8~4.9 Were...   Phoronix   01 Nov 2016
Valve Uses Kubuntu For Demonstrating Linux VR With The...   Valve   13 Oct 2016
Collabora Has Been Working On A Fully-Open HTC Vive...   Valve   12 Oct 2016
Valve Expected To Show Off Linux VR Demo Today   Valve   12 Oct 2016
Unigine 2.3 Improves Screen-Space Raytraced...   Linux Gaming   05 Aug 2016
GeForce GTX 1070 Looks Great, At Least Under Windows   NVIDIA   29 May 2016
Valve Rolls Out A SteamVR Performance Benchmark   Valve   22 Feb 2016
HTC Vive VR Retail Launch Delayed Until April 2016   Valve   08 Dec 2015
The Valve/HTC Vive VR Headset Won't Fully Ship Until...   Linux Gaming   28 Aug 2015
Valve Releases OpenVR SDK   Valve   30 Apr 2015