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GtkInspector Linux News

GTK+ 3.89.1 Released As First Development Step Towards...   GNOME   21 Nov 2016
GTK+ 3.17.6 Brings Various Improvements   GNOME   05 Aug 2015
GTK+ 3.16 Released With Mir Backend, Native OpenGL...   GNOME   23 Mar 2015
GNOME's GTK+ Had A Booming 2014: OpenGL, Mir, Wayland,...   GNOME   03 Jan 2015
GTK+ Inspector Gains More Features Ahead Of GNOME 3.16   GNOME   24 Nov 2014
GtkInspector Now Supports Dealing With Multiple...   GNOME   28 Oct 2014
GTK+ 3.14 Brings Much Better Wayland Support,...   GNOME   22 Sep 2014
GtkInspector Moves Along For GTK Debugging   GNOME   12 Jul 2014
GNOME 3.13.2 Temporarily Depends On Systemd   systemd   28 May 2014
Features On The Roadmap For GTK+   GNOME   24 May 2014
GtkInspector Lands In GTK+ For Better Debugging   GNOME   16 May 2014