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Gordon Articles & Reviews

Ageia's PhysX Delaying UT3 For Linux?   Linux Gaming   28 Nov 2007
An Interview with Ryan C. Gordon (Icculus)   Linux Gaming   13 Jun 2005
Unreal Tournament 2004 v3369   Linux Gaming   04 Dec 2005
Intel IDF Fall 2007: Day 1   Events   18 Sep 2007

Gordon Linux News

New Unreal Tournament 3 Linux Details   Linux Gaming   14 Oct 2007
SDL 2.0 Is Coming Very Soon With New Features   Linux Gaming   14 Jul 2012
Valve's VOGL Debugger To Be Completely Open-Source   Valve   17 Jan 2014
Unreal Tournament 3 Running On Linux   Linux Gaming   18 Sep 2008
For Those Hoping To See UT3 On Linux This Holiday...   Linux Gaming   16 Dec 2010
Ryan Gordon Brings Universal Binaries To Linux   Linux Kernel   22 Oct 2009
The First Unreal Engine 3 Game Ships For Linux   Phoronix   19 Dec 2012
Epic Games Provides No Hope For UT3 On Linux   Linux Gaming   17 May 2010
Valve's Linux Play May Lead More Games To Follow Suit   Valve   25 May 2010
America's Army 3.0 "May Return" To Linux   Linux Gaming   06 Jan 2009
Ryan Gordon On Linux UT3: "still on its way"   Linux Gaming   24 May 2009
Unreal Engine 3 Now Sort Of Works On Linux   Linux Gaming   24 Aug 2012
id Software's Main Linux Game Developer Resigns   Linux Gaming   27 Jan 2012
Icculus Ports Prey Game Client To Linux   Linux Gaming   23 Oct 2008
The Problems Right Now For Gaming On Linux   Linux Gaming   30 Dec 2012
America's Army Returning To Linux?   Linux Gaming   07 Sep 2008
Topics For Next Week's Linux Foundation Summit   Linux Events   29 Mar 2012
It's Official: Mesa 8.0 With OpenGL 3.0   Mesa   09 Jan 2012
Ioquake3 Gets A Cross-Platform Auto-Updater   Linux Gaming   14 Jul 2017
A Proposal To Fix The Full-Screen Linux Window Mess   Linux Gaming   25 Oct 2012
Ryan Gordon's Linux Game Porting Guidance   Linux Gaming   17 Jan 2014
UT3 For Linux Is Laid To Rest By Epic's Mark Rein   Linux Gaming   07 Sep 2010
Will Unreal Engine 4 Games Come To Linux?   Linux Gaming   08 Jun 2012
UT3 Linux Is "Slowly Being Worked On"   Linux Gaming   05 Aug 2009
What You Need To Know About SPIR-V 1.0   Standards   16 Nov 2015
UT3 Linux Client Is "In The Works"   Linux Gaming   10 Jul 2008
An Open-Source MMORPG Using The Unigine Engine   Linux Gaming   10 Apr 2011
What's Going On In The Open-Source Doom 3 World   Linux Gaming   05 Dec 2011
Ryan Gordon Makes Linux Version Of 1Password   Free Software   26 Dec 2013
Postal 2 Multi-Player Released For Free   Linux Gaming   31 May 2008
Ryan Gordon On Valve's Steam, Linux Porting   Valve   01 Dec 2012
There Still Are Some Pain Points For Linux Gaming...   Linux Gaming   30 Dec 2017
Alternative Games Is All About Linux Gaming   Linux Gaming   14 Dec 2010
Unigine Engine Looks To Wasteland 2   Linux Gaming   13 Apr 2012
5 Months And Still No UT3 For Linux   Linux Gaming   19 Apr 2008
Gordon's Thoughts On Open-Source GPU Drivers   Linux Gaming   18 Mar 2011
100 Days & Counting For UT3 Linux Client   Linux Gaming   27 Feb 2008
The Future Of UT3 On Linux Appears Uncertain   Linux Gaming   09 Apr 2009
550 Days Later, UT3 Linux Appears Dead   Linux Gaming   22 May 2009
A Proposal For Compiling Direct3D HLSL With LLVM   LLVM   28 Mar 2011
Steam VR Marketshare Already Larger Than Steam Linux...   Valve   25 Oct 2017
UT3 Linux Release To Include Editor   Linux Gaming   14 Sep 2008
UT3 Linux Still Undergoing Work, No ETA   Linux Gaming   12 Mar 2009
SDL2 Plans With Wayland, SDL3 Already On The Mind   Linux Gaming   14 Aug 2013
Open-Source Serious Engine 1 Now Running On Linux   Linux Gaming   04 Apr 2016
SDL2 Gets Useful Dynamic API Support For Games   Linux Gaming   08 Jan 2014
Ryan Gordon Is Fed Up, FatELF Is Likely Dead   Free Software   03 Nov 2009
Epic Games Changes Story, Unsure About UT3 Linux...   Linux Gaming   16 Oct 2009
Ryan Gordon Ports HGE To Linux, Then Releases Code   Linux Gaming   07 Aug 2011
Crysis Wars Linux Server Released   Linux Gaming   08 Nov 2008
Ryan Gordon Criticizes Open-Source Drivers Again   Linux Gaming   08 Aug 2011
Icculus: EmScripten Audio Conversion Performance In...   Free Software   29 Jan 2017
America's Army Considering SteamOS / Linux Support   Linux Gaming   08 Jul 2015
Prey Linux Retail Client Released   Linux Gaming   07 Dec 2008
Unreal Tournament 3 For Linux MIA   Linux Gaming   20 Nov 2007
Ryan Gordon Is Working On MojoAL, Adds Spatialized...   Linux Gaming   13 Apr 2018
Icculus Grows Fond Of Open-Source GPU Drivers   Linux Gaming   02 Apr 2012
SDL's 2D Render API Getting Improved With New Batching...   Linux Gaming   25 Sep 2018
MojoSetup -- The Loki Installer Improved   Linux Gaming   17 May 2007
Ryan's Tools For Linux Game Porting, Development   Linux Gaming   03 Apr 2012
Intel Ships A MeeGo Update For Cedar Trail   Intel   17 Feb 2012
Ryan Gordon's Thoughts On Open-Source Gaming   Linux Gaming   09 Apr 2011
SDL2 Nukes Its Mir Support With Wayland Compatibility...   Linux Gaming   03 Nov 2018
Mir Display Server Support Lands In SDL2   Ubuntu   03 Feb 2014
Unreal Tournament 3 Linux Server Is Out!   Linux Gaming   18 Dec 2007
SDL Lands Initial Support For OpenGL KHR_no_error   Free Software   25 Aug 2017
A New Design For FUSE File-Systems   Free Software   23 Jan 2012
Ryan Gordon Working On UT3 For Linux   Linux Gaming   09 Oct 2007
Aquaria Game Source-Code Published   Linux Gaming   04 Jun 2010
What Should Linux Gamers Expect From QuakeCon 2011?   Linux Gaming   04 Aug 2011
With Valve On Linux, Has LGP Lost All Relevance?   Valve   18 Jul 2012
Audio Capturing Support Landed This Week In SDL2   Linux Gaming   03 Sep 2016
SDL Now Supports Wayland's XDG-Shell   Wayland   07 Feb 2018
New Comments By Ryan Gordon On Linux Gaming, Drivers   Linux Gaming   15 Nov 2011
A Prey Update For Linux, But Still No UT3   Linux Gaming   22 Feb 2009
When Will UT3 For Linux Be Released?   Linux Gaming   18 Oct 2008
Will Intel Completely Drop Support For EXA?   Intel   24 Apr 2009
Any Linux News From The E3 2011 Gaming Expo?   Linux Gaming   07 Jun 2011
Mac Graphics Drivers Are Still Troubled   Free Software   25 Mar 2011
Open Source Tools for Game Development   Linux Gaming   24 Mar 2012
Heavily-Upgraded Postal Hits Steam   Linux Gaming   28 Mar 2013
SDL2 Wayland Now Supports XDG Shell's XDG_WM_Base   Wayland   25 Jun 2018
Intel 2012Q4 Graphics Driver Is Good For Valve   Valve   27 Nov 2012
Updated Prey Demo For Linux Released   Linux Gaming   26 Nov 2008
Ryan "Icculus" Gordon Has Some New Tools   Linux Gaming   04 Jan 2012
SDL2 Picks Up Support For KDE Server-Side Decorations   Linux Gaming   30 Oct 2018
Red Orchestra 2 Might Be Ported To Linux   Linux Gaming   30 Dec 2012
Native Port Of Dear Esther Now Available   Linux Gaming   12 Jun 2013
9 Months And Still No UT3 Linux Client   Linux Gaming   19 Aug 2008
Another Unreal Engine 3 Game Coming To Linux   Linux Gaming   07 Mar 2013
Intel Is Still Working On G45 VA-API Video...   Intel   24 Feb 2011
Humble Indie Bundle #3 Does More Than Two Million...   Linux Gaming   09 Aug 2011
XDS 2008: GLSL, Radeon, Graphics Testing   X.Org   04 Sep 2008
Ubuntu Needs To Improve OpenGL Drivers For Gaming   Ubuntu   30 Oct 2012
Aquaria Game Coming To Linux. Icculus Porting?   Linux Gaming   13 Aug 2009
Google Earth For Linux   Google   12 Jun 2006
Questions For Ryan Gordon, The Linux Game Porter   Linux Gaming   01 Apr 2011
Ryan "Icculus" Gordon Will Be Talking This...   Linux Gaming   30 Mar 2011
UT3 Linux Demo Still Missing In Action   Linux Gaming   04 Nov 2007
UT3 Linux: It Will Ship When It's Ready   Linux Gaming   26 Oct 2007