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Global Offensive Articles & Reviews

Is The Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Fast Enough For Steam...   Display Drivers   19 Nov 2014
AMD Radeon Gallium3D Is Catching Up & Sometimes...   Display Drivers   17 Nov 2014
CS:GO & TF2 Extensively Tested On The Newest...   Graphics Cards   12 Nov 2014
Preview: Radeon Gallium3D Performance For CS:GO On...   Linux Gaming   29 Sep 2014
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive NVIDIA/AMD Benchmarks...   Linux Gaming   23 Sep 2014

Global Offensive Linux News

CS:GO Trust Factor Fixed For Linux Gamers With Mesa...   Valve   20 May 2021
Mesa 21.x Seems To Muck Up Gamers' Trust Factor For...   Mesa   03 May 2021
Mesa 21.1 Squeezes In Improvements For Direct3D 9...   Mesa   14 Apr 2021
The Most Exciting Open-Source Graphics Driver News...   Mesa   29 Mar 2021
Mesa 21.0 RadeonSI Will Run Counter-Strike: Global...   Mesa   11 Jan 2021
RadeonSI Adds Workaround To Deal With Incorrect...   Radeon   07 May 2019
Counter-Strike: GO Goes Battle Royale With Danger Zone   Valve   06 Dec 2018
Valve Publishes The Source To Their Game Networking...   Valve   31 Mar 2018
Valve To Open-Source Their Steam Networking Sockets...   Valve   27 Mar 2018
The Open Benchmarks So Far Available For Windows 10 /...   Phoronix Test Suite   19 Mar 2018
Mesa 17.3-RC4 Released, Handful Of Blocker Bugs Still...   Mesa   14 Nov 2017
FreeCS: Aiming For An Open-Source Counter-Strike...   Linux Gaming   10 Nov 2017
The Steam Linux Client Celebrates Its Fifth Public...   Valve   06 Nov 2017
More AMDGPU DC + RadeonSI/RADV vs. NVIDIA Linux...   Hardware   05 Oct 2017
Marek Threads RadeonSI Gallium3D, Big Performance...   Mesa   10 May 2017
Former Valve Developer: Steam Linux Project Was The...   Valve   31 Dec 2016
Linux Gaming Was Great In 2016, But 2017 Should Be...   Linux Gaming   27 Dec 2016
How The AMD Polaris Open-Source Driver Performance Has...   Radeon   30 Oct 2016
CS:GO Finally Shifts Over To 64-bit Build On Linux   Linux Gaming   26 May 2016
Mesa 11.3 Isn't A Game Changer For Intel's Haswell   Intel   19 May 2016
Testing OpenGL 4.1 With An AMD Cypress GPU On The...   AMD   30 Jan 2016
Valve Rolls Out Useful Linux Updates For TF2 &...   Valve   07 Jan 2016
Reworking The Steam Linux Automated Game Tests   Linux Gaming   17 Dec 2015
It's Been 3 Years Since Valve Launched The Steam Linux...   Valve   07 Nov 2015
Running Some Fresh Windows 10 vs. Linux...   Proprietary Software   06 Nov 2015
A Massive SteamOS Graphics Card Comparison Is Coming   Valve   21 Oct 2015
Some Linux Game Developers Don't Even Have Contacts At...   AMD   29 Sep 2015
CS:GO & TF2 Benchmarks Updated For Linux   Linux Gaming   21 Aug 2015
Steam On Linux Continues Climbing Past 1,300 Games   Valve   22 Jul 2015
Are Intel Iris Pro 6200 Graphics Fast Enough For Steam...   Intel   14 Jul 2015
AMD Catalyst 15.7 Linux Benchmarks: R9 290 Hawaii...   AMD   09 Jul 2015
Is The Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Fast Enough For Steam...   Nouveau   08 Jul 2015
A Look At CS:GO & TF2 On AMD GPUs With The...   AMD   08 Jul 2015
Is The AMD A10-7870K Fast Enough For Steam Linux...   Linux Gaming   12 Jun 2015
Linux Game Publishing Remains Down For The Count   Linux Gaming   05 May 2015
Ubuntu 15.04 Brings Better Intel Performance For CS:GO...   Intel   21 Apr 2015
Linux 4.0 Will Run Source Engine Games Faster For...   Linux Kernel   12 Mar 2015
Valve Announces Source 2, It's Going To Be Free To...   Linux Gaming   03 Mar 2015
Running Benchmarks On Newer, Popular AAA Linux...   Linux Gaming   10 Jan 2015
The Intel Haswell OpenGL Performance Boosting Patch Is...   Intel   06 Jan 2015
The Most Significant Linux Gaming Milestones Of 2014   Linux Gaming   27 Dec 2014
Valve Optimizations, D3D9 & GL4 Topped Mesa This...   Mesa   26 Dec 2014
CS:GO Lowers Its Memory Usage On Linux   Linux Gaming   11 Dec 2014
Nouveau On Mesa 10.5-devel Doesn't Change Much   Mesa   01 Dec 2014
November Was Great For Linux Users, But December Will...   Phoronix   30 Nov 2014
AMD Gallium3D Marks Huge Win: Beating Catalyst In...   AMD   13 Nov 2014
Major Performance Breakthrough Discovered For Intel's...   Intel   05 Nov 2014
AMD Radeon R9 285 Linux GPU Scaling Performance   Radeon   16 Oct 2014
Steam Linux Usage Rose 0.1% During September   Linux Gaming   02 Oct 2014
CS:GO For Linux Gains Better Stability, Community...   Valve   01 Oct 2014
Systemd & Debian Were Most Popular In September   Phoronix   30 Sep 2014
Intel Haswell HD Graphics With CS:GO On Linux   Intel   29 Sep 2014
The Most Dominating Linux Stories Of Q3'2014   Phoronix   29 Sep 2014
Preview Numbers For The GeForce GTX 980 On Ubuntu...   NVIDIA   28 Sep 2014
A Future Catalyst Update Will Improve CS:GO's Linux...   Valve   27 Sep 2014
The Next AMD Catalyst Linux Driver Is Much More...   AMD   26 Sep 2014
RadeonSI Gallium3D Might Run As Well As Catalyst For...   Mesa   24 Sep 2014
Valve Rolls Out A New Steam Storefront   Valve   23 Sep 2014
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Starts Rolling Out To...   Linux Gaming   22 Sep 2014
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Is Getting Close To...   Valve   11 Sep 2014
PlayOnLinux Has Experimental BSD Support   WINE   04 Sep 2014
Steam On Linux Now Offers 600+ Games   Valve   03 Aug 2014
NVIDIA's Tegra K1 & Linux Gaming Were Popular In...   Phoronix   31 May 2014
Valve-Sponsored Mesa Work Makes Games Load A Lot...   Mesa   04 May 2014
Valve's Gabe Newell Makes New Linux Comments   Valve   04 Mar 2014
Setting Performance Expectations For Wine Direct3D   WINE   04 Feb 2014
Intel Continues Optimizing Counter-Strike: GO For...   Mesa   26 Jan 2014
Valve's Dota 2 Now Officially Available For Linux   Valve   19 Jul 2013
Steam Linux Usage Still On The Decline   Valve   01 May 2013
Left 4 Dead 2 Beta On Linux Coming Next Week   Linux Gaming   25 Apr 2013
Counter-Strike: GO Might Soon Be Out On Linux   Linux Gaming   10 Apr 2013
Valve Has Been Working Hard On Linux For One Year   Valve   30 Mar 2013
Counter-Strike Source Now On Steam For Linux   Valve   05 Feb 2013
Counter-Strike 1.6 Also Native To Linux   Linux Gaming   25 Jan 2013
2013 Is Going To Be The Year Of Linux Gaming   Free Software   29 Dec 2012
Steam Greenlight Begins Listing Games For Linux   Valve   12 Sep 2012
Valve's Full Linux Push Talked About For February   Valve   01 Sep 2012
Valve Releases New CS: Global Offensive Trailer   Valve   18 Aug 2012
The Latest Humble Bundle Grows In Size   Linux Gaming   26 Mar 2012
Btrfs & Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   Linux Gaming   23 Mar 2012
New Footage Of CS: Global Offensive   Linux Gaming   26 Aug 2011