GRUB 2.04

Phoronix articles, reviews and news stories covering GRUB 2.04. This searches our archive since the launch of Phoronix in 2004.

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GRUB 2.04 Linux News

Debian Enabling Support For Booting From Root F2FS...   Debian   11 Jan 2020
GRUB 2.04 Bootloader Released With RISC-V Support,...   GNU   05 Jul 2019
GRUB 2.04 Release Candidate Brings Globs Of New...   GNU   09 Apr 2019
RISC-V Support Added To The GRUB Bootloader   RISC-V   25 Feb 2019
GRUB 2.04 Is On The Way This Year Along With Other New...   GNU   07 Feb 2019
GRUB Bootloader Picks Up A Verifier Framework For...   GNU   09 Nov 2018
GRUB Boot-Loader Picks Up Support For F2FS File-System   GNU   11 Apr 2018
GRUB Now Supports Multiple Early Initrd Images   GNU   14 Mar 2018
A Recap Of The Many Interesting Presentations At...   Linux Events   13 Feb 2018
GRUB 2.04 Should Be Released Later This Year   GNU   04 Feb 2018
GRUB 2.03 Begins Development   GNU   03 May 2017