Phoronix articles, reviews and news stories covering GLSL-to-TGSI. This searches our archive since the launch of Phoronix in 2004.

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GLSL-to-TGSI Articles & Reviews

Testing Out Mesa's GLSL-To-TGSI Translator   Display Drivers   21 Jul 2011

GLSL-to-TGSI Linux News

Mesa 8.0 Advances Open-Source Linux Graphics Drivers   Mesa   09 Feb 2012
ARB_shader_ballot Lands For RadeonSI Mesa 17.1   Radeon   05 Apr 2017
GLSL IR To TGSI Translator Ready To Be Merged Into...   Mesa   15 Jun 2011
Mesa 13.0 RC2 Released With ANV, RADV, Wayland Fixes   Mesa   24 Oct 2016
Intel i915g Mesa Driver Now Goes Goes Through NIR,...   Intel   18 Jun 2021
Mesa GLSL-To-TGSI Is Merged To Master   Mesa   05 Aug 2011
Mesa Softpipe Set To See Better Performance,...   Mesa   26 Aug 2020
Mesa: Fixed Function Programs Generating GLSL   Mesa   07 Oct 2011
Mesa 7.11 Release Candidate 2 Is Here   Mesa   20 Jul 2011
GLSL-To-TGSI For Mesa Is Still Not Merged   Mesa   12 Jul 2011
NIR-To-TGSI Support Added To Mesa 20.3   Mesa   20 Oct 2020
Will The GLSL-To-TGSI Code Now Be Merged To Master?   Mesa   01 Aug 2011