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Flashrom Linux News

Fwupd 1.8.1 Released With Firmware Updating For More...   LVFS   27 May 2022
Open-Source Firmware For The MSI Alder Lake...   Hardware   11 May 2022
Coreboot's Flashrom Moves On To Flashing AMD GPUs Up...   Coreboot   22 Oct 2018
Coreboot's Flashrom Working On Radeon GPU Flashing...   Coreboot   17 Oct 2018
HP Elitebook 8770w Ported To Coreboot, But Need To...   Coreboot   13 May 2018
Flashrom 1.0 Officially Released For Programming...   Coreboot   02 Jan 2018
Coreboot Ported To Another Core 2 Era Motherboard:...   Hardware   13 May 2017
Linux BIOS/UEFI Updating Is Going To Get Much Better...   Hardware   23 Feb 2015
Google Is Financing A Lot Of Great Open-Source Work...   Google   21 Apr 2014
Flashrom 0.9.7 Refines Support For A Lot Of Chips   Hardware   14 Aug 2013
FlashROM 0.9.6 Released For Open-Source BIOS Flashing   Free Software   09 Aug 2012
Flashrom Update Handles Flashing More Hardware   Free Software   22 Feb 2012
FreeDOS 1.1 Released With Many Changes   Free Software   04 Jan 2012
AMD Publishes New SB Register, Programming Docs   AMD   08 Jul 2009
Flashrom To Support Flashing ATI Graphics Cards   Hardware   13 May 2009