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A GNU/Linux Smartphone Running GNOME & HTML5 Web...   Computers   24 Aug 2017

Firefox OS Linux News

Purism Hires GNOME Developer For Librem 5 UI/UX...   GNOME   16 Apr 2018
Purism Librem 5 Linux Smartphone Campaign Set To End...   Hardware   22 Oct 2017
Librem 5 Smartphone Hits Its $1.5 Million Dollar Goal   Hardware   09 Oct 2017
Librem 5 Smartphone Now Plans To Ship With KDE Plasma   Hardware   14 Sep 2017
Purism's Librem 5 Smartphone Crosses $200k In Funding   Hardware   07 Sep 2017
Purism's Librem 5 Is Nearing $100k In Funding, But A...   Hardware   27 Aug 2017
Could A New Linux Base For Tablets/Smartphones Succeed...   Operating Systems   16 Apr 2017
Changes To Look Forward To With Firefox 52   Mozilla   03 Feb 2017
Purism Is Still Hoping To Build A GNU/Linux Free...   Hardware   30 Sep 2016
Boot 2 Gecko Being Stripped From Mozilla's Codebase   Mozilla   27 Sep 2016
FOSDEM 2016 Is Less Than One Month Away   Free Software   04 Jan 2016
Firefox To Ship Rust & Servo Components Next Year   Mozilla   08 Dec 2015
Mozilla Puts An End To Firefox OS   Mozilla   08 Dec 2015
Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview On Android Is Out   Mozilla   12 Nov 2015
Ubuntu Phone Marketshare Estimated At Around 25...   Ubuntu   27 Sep 2015
More Details On KDE Plasma Mobile, Reference Images   KDE   25 Jul 2015
Replicant As A Truly Free, Blob-Less Android OS Is...   Free Software   05 Feb 2015
Mozilla's Servo Still On Track For 2015 Alpha Release   Mozilla   19 Jan 2015
November Was Great For Linux Users, But December Will...   Phoronix   30 Nov 2014
Meizu's Ubuntu Phone Not Expected Until Early Next...   Ubuntu   25 Nov 2014
Firefox OS 2.0 Developer Preview Gets WebNFC, H.264...   Mozilla   10 Nov 2014
Mozilla's Servo Engine Is Crazy Fast Compared To Gecko   Mozilla   09 Nov 2014
Mozilla Starts Pre-Orders For Its Flame Firefox OS...   Mozilla   27 May 2014
Mozilla Expands Its Firefox OS Partners, Platforms   Mozilla   07 Jan 2014
VIA Partners With Mozilla For Firefox OS   Mozilla   06 Jan 2014
Firefox Still Working Towards Multi-Process Support   Mozilla   05 Dec 2013
OpenMoko Might Live On With N900 Phone Base   Hardware   02 Nov 2013
Firefox OS 1.1 Improves Performance, Mobile Features   Mozilla   09 Oct 2013
The First Firefox OS Devixes Are On Their Way   Mozilla   02 Jul 2013
Mozilla: 18 Carriers Join Firefox OS Bandwagon   Mozilla   24 Feb 2013
Firefox 19 Release Today Brings The PDF Viewer   Mozilla   19 Feb 2013
FOSDEM 2013 Is Coming Up This Weekend   Free Software   29 Jan 2013
Firefox OS Gets Developer Preview Phones   Mozilla   22 Jan 2013
Debian Wants To Play In The Mobile Space Too   Debian   14 Jul 2012
Mozilla To Shaft Thunderbird Next Week   Mozilla   06 Jul 2012