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The Big Features Of Linux 5.1: IO_Uring, Intel...   Software   17 Mar 2019

Fastboot Linux News

Linux 5.14 To Bring SimpleDRM Driver, VC4 HDR, Marks...   Linux Kernel   13 May 2021
How Intel's Clear Linux Team Cut The Kernel Boot Time...   Clear Linux   11 Sep 2019
Ubuntu 19.10 To Ship With Flicker-Free Boot Support   Ubuntu   16 Jul 2019
Clear Linux Gets Questions Over Steam Integration,...   Clear Linux   20 Jun 2019
Linux 5.1 Should Be Released Today With IO_uring,...   Linux Kernel   05 May 2019
Linux 5.1-rc1 Kernel Released After A "Fairly...   Linux Kernel   17 Mar 2019
The Notable Changes So Far With The Linux 5.1 Kernel   Linux Kernel   12 Mar 2019
DRM Changes For Linux 5.1 Bring Intel Fastboot, Komeda...   Linux Kernel   06 Mar 2019
It's Linux 5.0 Kernel Day Followed By The Start Of...   Linux Kernel   03 Mar 2019
Fedora 30's Slick Boot Process Is Ready To Go   Fedora   21 Feb 2019
The Many Changes Lining Up So Far For The Linux 5.1...   Linux Kernel   18 Feb 2019
Intel Sends In Their Last Batch Of Graphics Driver...   Linux Kernel   08 Feb 2019
AMDGPU DC Seeing Work On "Seamless Boot"...   Radeon   07 Feb 2019
Intel's Linux 5.1 Graphics Driver Will Have Fastboot...   Intel   02 Feb 2019
Fedora 30 Flips On Intel Graphics Fastboot By Default...   Fedora   01 Feb 2019
Intel Valleyview & Cherry Trail Hardware Likely To...   Intel   30 Jan 2019
Intel Could Finally Be Ready To Enable Fastboot By...   Intel   25 Jan 2019
Fedora 30 To Finish Polishing Off Their Flicker-Free...   Fedora   03 Jan 2019
Enabling Intel Fastboot Support By Default Brought Up,...   Intel   17 Dec 2018
Arch Linux Users With Intel Graphics Can Begin...   Arch Linux   10 Dec 2018
Fedora 29 Succeeds At Flicker-Free Boot Experience On...   Fedora   01 Oct 2018
There's A Discussion Again About Flipping On Intel...   Intel   07 Jun 2018
The DRM Graphics Driver Changes Coming For Linux 4.16   Linux Kernel   17 Jan 2018
Linux 4.16 Will Be Another Big Cycle For Intel's DRM...   Linux Kernel   18 Nov 2017
The - Hopefully - Final Stab At Intel Fastboot Support   Intel   17 Nov 2017
Intel Graphics Driver Likely To Re-Enable Fastboot By...   Intel   01 Nov 2017
Reboot Mode Driver Added To Linux 4.8 Kernel   Hardware   06 Aug 2016
Linux 4.4 DRM Pull Has Raspberry Pi Driver, AMDGPU...   Hardware   08 Nov 2015
Intel Just Queued Up More Graphics Changes For The...   Intel   07 Oct 2015
F2FS On Linux 3.19 To Support Faster Boot Times   Free Software   10 Dec 2014
Intel Has Last Round Of DRM Changes For Linux 3.19,...   Intel   28 Nov 2014
The Exciting Intel DRM Driver Changes For Linux 3.15   Intel   01 Apr 2014
Intel Already Has Linux 3.15 GPU Driver Code For...   Intel   07 Feb 2014
Linux 3.12 Enables Haswell's Iris eLLC Cache Support   Intel   02 Sep 2013
Intel Already Begins Lining Up Changes For Linux 3.12   Intel   19 Jul 2013
Intel 2.21.11 Driver Works On Fastboot, Bug Fixes   Intel   01 Jul 2013
Intel Still Working On "Fastboot" Linux...   Free Software   25 Jun 2013
Intel Delivers Innovations Atop Google's Android   Intel   12 Mar 2013
Intel Has Good DRM Driver Changes In Linux 3.9   Intel   18 Feb 2013
Intel's Linux DRM Driver Plans For 2013   Intel   07 Feb 2013
Intel Begins Making Graphics Changes For Linux 3.9   Linux Kernel   11 Jan 2013
Intel Rewrites Mode-Setting Graphics Driver Code   Intel   19 Aug 2012
Intel Publishes Massive "Fastboot" Patch Set   Intel   26 May 2012
What Else Is Going On At The MeeGo Conference   Intel   22 May 2011
Linux 2.6.30-rc7 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   23 May 2009
Linux 2.6.30-rc6 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   16 May 2009