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Falkor Linux News

Linux 5.10 ARM64 Has A "8~20x" Performance...   Arm   22 Oct 2020
Qualcomm Reportedly Wanting To Exit ARM Server CPU...   Arm   09 May 2018
KPTI Support For 64-bit ARM Getting Buttoned Up Ahead...   Linux Kernel   14 Jan 2018
The New Compiler Features & Changes Of GCC 8   GNU   22 Nov 2017
Qualcomm Centriq 2400 Series ARM Server CPUs...   Arm   08 Nov 2017
New Qualcomm Saphira Server CPU Added To GCC   Hardware   05 Nov 2017
Changes To Find With The Upcoming Release Of GCC 7   GNU   09 Apr 2017
The New Features Of LLVM 4.0 & Clang 4.0   LLVM   26 Feb 2017
Qualcomm Falkor (Centriq) Patches For The Linux Kernel   Hardware   11 Dec 2016
Qualcomm Sampling 10nm 48-Core Server SoC   Hardware   07 Dec 2016
LLVM Now Supports Qualcomm's New Falkor CPU   LLVM   16 Nov 2016
Qualcomm FALKOR ARM Core Added To GCC   GNU   10 Nov 2016