EmScripten is an open-source project for converting any language targeting LLVM (mostly C/C++) into JavaScript code for execution within HTML5 web-browsers.

Additional Information: https://github.com/kripken/emscripten

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EmScripten Linux News

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SIMD JavaScript Support Added To Firefox, Under Review...   Intel   30 Mar 2014
NVIDIA's LLVM CUDA Compiler: Open-Source, 10% Faster   NVIDIA   26 Jan 2012
Qt Developers Begin Brewing Their WebAssembly Plans   Qt   09 Mar 2018
SuperTux 0.6 Released With OpenGL 3.3 & ES 2.0...   Linux Gaming   23 Dec 2018
Mozilla Brings Unreal Engine 3 To Firefox   Mozilla   28 Mar 2013
Emscripten: Bang Out JavaScript From LLVM Bitcode   LLVM   20 Dec 2011
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LLVM Continues To Dominate Across Many Operating...   LLVM   01 Feb 2016
GNOME 3.10 Gets Photos App, Clutter On Wayland   Google   12 Jul 2013
Chrome 49 Enters Beta, Adds MediaRecorder API To...   Google   02 Feb 2016
QML Online Now Hosted By The KDE Project For Qt/QML On...   KDE   16 Jun 2020
The OGRE Open-Source 3D Graphics Engine Is Working On...   Vulkan   07 Nov 2019
Turning Mesa Into JavaScript For The Web?   Mesa   06 Mar 2012
Automatic GPGPU Code Generation For LLVM   LLVM   03 Apr 2012
Unigine Demo Ported To Web Browser With Emscripten   Linux Gaming   20 Feb 2013
Duetto C++ Compiler For The Web Is Now Released   Programming   31 Oct 2013
EmScripten Merges Its Speedy "Fastcomp"...   Programming   21 Apr 2014
Mozilla Working To Port Unity Game Engine For The Web   Mozilla   18 Mar 2014
Some PNaCl LLVM Patches Might Make Writing LLVM...   LLVM   05 Mar 2014
Unigine Adds In Support For Oculus Rift & WebGL   Linux Gaming   01 May 2013
Duetto Clang C++ For The HTML5 Web Is Now In Beta   LLVM   02 Oct 2013
Meson 0.52 Released With Better Support For...   Programming   07 Oct 2019
Duetto C++ Web Compiler Supports Async RPC, New...   Programming   17 Mar 2014