The Endless Vacation of Code (EVoC) initiative by the X.Org Foundation finances student developers to work on various projects related to X.Org, including open-source graphics drivers, Mesa, and Wayland.

Additional Information: x.org/wiki/XorgEVoC

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EVoC Linux News

MIPS Claims "Best-In-Class Performance" With...   RISC-V   10 May 2022
Wine 7.5 Released With HLSL Compiler Support For...   WINE   25 Mar 2022
Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS Released To Correct Broken Install...   Ubuntu   17 Sep 2021
Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS Special Being Prepared To Deal With...   Ubuntu   13 Sep 2021
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X.Org Core Purpose: Free & Open Accelerated...   X.Org   22 Mar 2015
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X.Org & Mesa Start Thinking About GSoC 2015   X.Org   12 Feb 2015
Why The X.Org Foundation Wants To Join The SPI   X.Org   11 Feb 2015
Nouveau Might Have A Logo   Nouveau   17 Nov 2014
The State Of The X.Org Foundation In Late 2014   X.Org   11 Oct 2014
X.Org Server Shatter Project Fails   X.Org   18 Sep 2014
Nouveau For Linux 3.18 Gains DP Audio, More...   Nouveau   15 Sep 2014
X.Org Is Looking For Some Female Help   X.Org   04 Sep 2014
The X.Org Foundation Is Funding Work To Improve...   Nouveau   13 Jun 2014
"Shatter" Might Finally Materialize For The...   X.Org   12 Jun 2014
Another X.Org EVoC Proposed For OpenGL 4+ Tests   X.Org   22 Apr 2014
X.Org To Participate In Google Summer of Code 2014   X.Org   25 Feb 2014
Ubuntu Is Going After A New Linux Kernel API   Linux Kernel   29 Aug 2013
Crowd-Funding Mesa Driver Development?   Mesa   27 Jul 2013
X.Org/Mesa Might Get Better GLAMOR, GLSL, Shatter   X.Org   09 Apr 2013
X.Org/Mesa/Wayland In GSoC 2013   Google   08 Apr 2013
LLVM May Get A TGSI Gallium3D Compiler Back-End   LLVM   05 Apr 2013
X.Org: "2013 Will Be The Year Of Mobile...   X.Org   22 Feb 2013
Linux Foundation Struggles With Microsoft UEFI Signing   Microsoft   20 Nov 2012
OpenCL Testing On Mesa With Piglit   X.Org   24 Sep 2012
Nouveau Fermi Scripting Engine Makes Good Progress   Nouveau   23 Sep 2012
X.Org EVoC: Still Looking For Student Developers   X.Org   20 Sep 2012
XDC2012 Begins To Advance X.Org, Wayland, Mesa   X.Org   19 Sep 2012
Mainlining XWayland To Be Discussed Next Month   Wayland   11 Aug 2012
How To Help Improve, Develop Mesa Drivers   Mesa   07 Aug 2012
X.Org Foundation Issues Hasty CFP For XDC2012   X.Org   03 Aug 2012
Urban Terror Prepares For 4.2 Beta   Linux Gaming   02 Aug 2012
Sponsoring Open-Source Drivers For $1 Per Day?   Free Software   22 Jun 2012
Nouveau Work On The Fermi Scripting Engine   Nouveau   02 Jun 2012
Another X.Org EVoC Proposal - OpenCL   X.Org   30 May 2012
X.Org To Pay For Better Nouveau GPU Reclocking   Nouveau   25 May 2012
OpenCL Gallium3D State Tracker Merged Into Mesa   Mesa   11 May 2012
OpenCL/Clover Is Closer To Mesa Merging   Mesa   02 Apr 2012
X.Org GSoC Is Indeed Dead, But There Is EVoC   X.Org   31 Mar 2012
Gallium3D Compute Infrastructure Is On Approach   Mesa   22 Mar 2012
How To Begin Using OpenCL With Radeon Gallium3D   Radeon   17 Mar 2012
X.Org Was Not Accepted To GSoC 2012   X.Org   17 Mar 2012
The OpenCL State Tracker Nears Working State   Mesa   25 Jan 2012
Where Things Fall Short: Eight Shortcomings Of Mesa...   Mesa   11 Jan 2012
X.Org EVoC Work On Gallium3D OpenCL   X.Org   28 Dec 2011
CUPS 1.5.0 Released With Several New Features   Free Software   25 Jul 2011