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ETLegacy Linux News

ET: Legacy 2.76 Released For Letting Enemy Territory...   Linux Gaming   14 Jan 2019
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IORTCW Continues Letting Return to Castle Wolfenstein...   Linux Gaming   22 Jan 2017
ET: Legacy Continues Making Progress On Free, Modern...   Linux Gaming   03 Dec 2016
Running Enemy Territory With OpenGL 3 In 2016   Linux Gaming   14 Nov 2016
ETLegacy Continues Advancing Enemy Territory With...   Linux Gaming   13 Nov 2016
ET:Legacy 2.74 Released With Better Unicode Support,...   Linux Gaming   22 Aug 2015
ET: Legacy Is Preparing A New Wolfenstein Enemy...   Linux Gaming   31 Jul 2015
ET: Legacy - Reviving The Old FPS   Linux Gaming   02 Dec 2012