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ESRT Linux News

FWUPD Is Being Ported To The BSDs To Handle Firmware...   Hardware   07 Feb 2021
Allwinner Continues Work On Linux Patches To Dump...   Linux Kernel   23 Jan 2019
EFI Test Driver Added To The Mainline Linux 4.9 Kernel   Linux Kernel   03 Oct 2016
More Planning Details For GTK4 & Beyond   GNOME   14 Jun 2016
GNOME's GTK Developers Come Up With A Plan For GTK+ 4   GNOME   13 Jun 2016
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UEFI Firmware Update Support To Be Backported To...   Ubuntu   13 Jul 2015
Exciting Features Merged So Far For The Linux 4.2...   Linux Kernel   29 Jun 2015
Linux 4.2 Gets UEFI ESRT Support For Doing Firmware...   Linux Kernel   22 Jun 2015
New Features To Look Out For With The Linux 4.2 Kernel   Linux Kernel   14 Jun 2015
Fedora 23 Will Get System Firmware Updates &...   Fedora   10 Jun 2015
System Firmware Updates & Frappe Are The Latest...   Fedora   05 Jun 2015
Linux 4.2 To Support The EFI System Resource Table   Linux Kernel   31 May 2015
The Top Contributors To Mir Ahead Of Ubuntu 14.10   Ubuntu   22 Oct 2014