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DebConf 12 Articles & Reviews

DebConf 12: Linux Gaming, Mobile, 64-bit ARMv8...   Events   15 Jul 2012

DebConf 12 Linux News

Debian Launches A Diversity Sponsorship Travel Program   Debian   17 Jun 2015
AArch64/ARM64 Linux Kernel Work Still Ongoing   Linux Kernel   16 Aug 2012
Debian 8.0 Is Codenamed "Jessie"   Debian   30 Jul 2012
Debian Wants To Play In The Mobile Space Too   Debian   14 Jul 2012
Debian Looks To Improve Linux Gaming   Debian   13 Jul 2012
Debian Wants To Work With Its Offspring (Ubuntu)   Debian   13 Jul 2012
Decoupling GCC From Debian By Using LLVM/Clang   Debian   11 Jul 2012
Debian Wheezy To Take Up 73 CDs Or 11 DVDs   Debian   10 Jul 2012
Debian Developers Discuss UEFI SecureBoot Plans   Debian   09 Jul 2012
Debian Team Still Deciding On Wheezy Successor   Debian   09 Jul 2012