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DRM PRIME Linux News

NVIDIA Contributes Some New Tegra/Nouveau Patches   Nouveau   11 Jan 2018
NVIDIA 364.15 Fixes EGL Problems With Wayland, PRIME...   NVIDIA   06 Apr 2016
Armada DRM/KMS Driver Might Now Be Ready   Linux Kernel   07 Oct 2013
NVIDIA's PRIME Helpers Are Ready For Linux 3.9   NVIDIA   15 Feb 2013
Linux/X.Org NVIDIA Optimus Support Update   Nouveau   21 Sep 2012
NVIDIA Confirms It's Working On Optimus Linux Support   NVIDIA   31 Aug 2012
Radeon PRIME Import/Export Support For Libdrm   Radeon   13 Aug 2012
RandR 1.5 Works: GPU Offloading, USB Hotplugging   X.Org   19 Jun 2012
The Extra DMA-BUF PRIME Patches For Linux 3.5   Linux Kernel   31 May 2012
The Main DRM Pull Hits The Linux 3.4 Kernel   Linux Kernel   22 Mar 2012
Work On DRM PRIME Is Back Underway   Linux Kernel   27 Nov 2011