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DRM lease Linux News

A Vulkan Extension Is Being Worked On To Acquire...   Vulkan   16 Jul 2019
DRM Leasing / Display Patches Updated For Mesa's...   Mesa   12 Jun 2018
Xorgproto 2018.3 Brings RandR Leasing + Non-Desktop...   X.Org   21 Feb 2018
X.Org Server Patches Updated For Non-Desktop &...   X.Org   12 Feb 2018
Keith Packard Plumbs Direct Display Extensions Into...   Valve   10 Feb 2018
XWayland Gets XDG-Output Support For Potential...   X.Org   24 Jan 2018
Keith Packard Sends Out Latest Patches For RandR 1.6,...   X.Org   22 Dec 2017
Even With Wayland Around, X.Org Had A Busy 2017   X.Org   11 Dec 2017
DRM Leasing Support To Land For Linux 4.15   X.Org   19 Oct 2017
Keith Packard's Work On Better Supporting VR HMDs...   Valve   23 Sep 2017
Leasing Support Revised For X.Org Server / RADV, For...   Valve   02 Aug 2017
Keith Packard Continues Working On DRM Leases For...   Vulkan   01 Jul 2017
Keith Packard Making Progress With DRM Leases, Adding...   Hardware   30 May 2017
RandR 1.6 Proposal Around The Work On Linux VR HMDs...   X.Org   06 Apr 2017
Keith Packard Making Progress On DRM Leases For VR...   X.Org   01 Apr 2017