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DRI_PRIME Articles & Reviews

Testing NVIDIA Optimus / DRI PRIME On Ubuntu 14.04   Display Drivers   28 Apr 2014
NVIDIA Optimus On Ubuntu 13.10 Linux vs. Windows 8.1   Graphics Cards   17 Dec 2013

DRI_PRIME Linux News

2021 Could Be The Year That AMD Radeon Graphics Can...   Radeon   19 Jan 2021
Mesa 20.1 Adds A Vulkan Device Selection Layer For...   Mesa   28 Apr 2020
Collabora's Mesa EGLDevice Work To Better Support...   Mesa   21 Aug 2018
AMD Submits Initial AMDGPU DRM Updates Slated For...   AMD   26 Sep 2017
Linux Driver Expectations For The Radeon RX Vega   Radeon   30 Jul 2017
What Excites Me The Most About The Linux 4.12 Kernel   Linux Kernel   30 Jun 2017
More AMDGPU DC Patches Posted As It Looks Unlikely It...   Radeon   09 Jun 2017
Initial PRIME Support Lands In RADV Radeon Vulkan...   Radeon   26 Feb 2017
X.Org Server Development Continues Trending Quite Low   X.Org   27 Dec 2016
NVIDIA Developer Posts Auto PRIME Detection, Mesa USB...   Mesa   23 Dec 2016
RADV Vulkan Driver Patch For Initial PRIME Support   Vulkan   23 Nov 2016
Fedora 25's Hybrid Graphics Improvements, To Support...   Fedora   01 Nov 2016
GNOME Shell Making It Easy To Launch Apps/Games For...   GNOME   22 Oct 2016
OpenGL ES 3.1 For Haswell Lands With Intel's Mesa...   Mesa   26 Aug 2016
AMDGPU SI Winsys Support, Other Radeon Changes Hit...   Mesa   26 Aug 2016
RadeonSI Performance Improvement For DRI PRIME...   Mesa   18 Aug 2016
Red Hat Is Working To Improve Linux Switchable...   Red Hat   07 Jul 2016
PRIME Synchronization & Double Buffering Land In...   X.Org   28 Jun 2016
Gallium3D Nine Gets Numerous Improvements Ahead Of...   Mesa   15 May 2016
Patches Posted For Supporting DRI3 With VA-API &...   Mesa   11 May 2016
NVIDIA's VDPAU Library Exposed To Security Issue   Linux Security   31 Aug 2015
It's Been Three Years Since Linus Torvalds' Huge...   NVIDIA   17 Jun 2015
Features Added To Mesa 10.6 For Open-Source GPU...   Mesa   23 May 2015
Wayland On Mesa Now Supports DRI_PRIME, Render Nodes   Wayland   11 May 2015
Mesa Support For GPU Offloading With GLX DRI3, EGL...   Mesa   28 May 2014
Wayland Prime Gets Revised A Third Time   Wayland   07 Mar 2014
Don't Look For Open-Source AMD CrossFire Anytime Soon   AMD   26 Feb 2014
GPU Offloading Support In Wayland Moves Along   Wayland   05 Feb 2014
Wayland PRIME Support Revived For Mesa   Wayland   05 Jan 2014
NVIDIA Optimus Linux Power Battery Tests   Hardware   22 Dec 2013
Mesa DRM Library Update Fixes Critical RadeonSI Bug   Radeon   03 Dec 2013
Weston's Wayland Back-End Gets More Features   Wayland   09 Nov 2013
Mesa DRI PRIME Support Comes To Wayland   Wayland   07 Nov 2013
MSM Driver To Get PRIME & Render Nodes Support   Linux Kernel   20 Oct 2013
Features, Performance Work Still To Come To Mir   Ubuntu   29 Aug 2013
Phoronix Test Suite 4.8 Gains A Few More Features   Phoronix Test Suite   07 Aug 2013
VDPAU Library Now Supports DRI_PRIME   NVIDIA   05 Aug 2013
Nouveau Works On Optimus Dynamic Power Handling   Nouveau   02 Aug 2013
Mesa 9.1.6 Provides Stable Driver Bug-Fixes   Mesa   02 Aug 2013