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D9VK Linux News

D9VK Forming As Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan Based On DXVK   WINE   01 Mar 2019
Wine's Vulkan Code Seeing Performance Improvements,...   WINE   05 Mar 2020
WineD3D Optimistic In Their Yet To Be Proven Vulkan...   WINE   07 Jun 2019
DXVK 1.5.1 Released With D3D9 Performance...   Linux Gaming   09 Jan 2020
Wine 4.6 Released With Initial Bits Towards Vulkan...   WINE   12 Apr 2019
Proton Re-Based To Wine 4.11, Adds D9VK Direct3D 9,...   Valve   30 Jul 2019
DXVK Reportedly Going Into "Maintenance...   Linux Gaming   11 Dec 2019
D9VK Sees Inaugural Release For Running Direct3D 9...   Linux Gaming   08 May 2019
Proton 4.11-10 Adds Halo: Master Chief Collection...   Valve   13 Dec 2019
CodeWeavers Reflects On The Wild Year Since Valve...   Valve   20 Aug 2019
Experimental Work Allows DXVK To Be Natively Used For...   Vulkan   15 Nov 2019
Valve Working On A VKD3D Fork For Getting Direct3D 12...   WINE   06 Jul 2020
Proton 4.11-3 Pulls In D9VK 0.20, Taps Gamepads...   Valve   27 Aug 2019
D9VK 0.11 Released With Performance Improvements, D3D9...   Linux Gaming   12 May 2019
Valve's Proton 4.11-8 Begins Bundling VKD3D, Improves...   Valve   08 Nov 2019
Proton 4.11-11 Released With DXVK 1.5, Few Game Fixes   Valve   19 Dec 2019
Proton 4.11-7 Released With Controller Improvements,...   Valve   09 Oct 2019
DXVK 1.5 Released With The Newly-Added Direct3D 9...   Linux Gaming   16 Dec 2019
Mesa 20.2 Picks Up A New Disk Cache: TGSI-To-NIR...   Mesa   13 May 2020
Proton 4.11-4 Released With Updated DXVK, Improved PS4...   Valve   13 Sep 2019
D9VK 0.20 Offers Performance Improvements, New...   Vulkan   26 Aug 2019
D9VK 0.12 Released With Rewritten Texture Code, Many...   Linux Gaming   29 May 2019
D9VK 0.22 Released To Workaround Direct3D 9 Game Bugs   Linux Gaming   29 Sep 2019
D9VK 0.40 Uses Async Present On All Drivers, Various...   Vulkan   14 Dec 2019
Vulkan 1.2.149 Released With Another Extension For...   Vulkan   03 Aug 2020
D9VK Merged Into Upstream DXVK   Vulkan   16 Dec 2019
Wine-Nine-Standalone 0.5 Released To Improve Wine...   WINE   29 Sep 2019
D9VK 0.30 Released With Performance Improvements,...   Vulkan   28 Oct 2019
D9VK 0.13f Brings Extra Features For Direct3D 9 Over...   Vulkan   15 Jul 2019
CodeWeavers Working On Vulkan Shared Memory Support ...   WINE   30 Oct 2019
Lutris 0.5.3 Released With D9VK Option, Support For...   Linux Gaming   08 Sep 2019
D9VK 0.13 Brings Fixed Function Support, Other...   Vulkan   09 Jul 2019
D9VK 0.21 Implements More Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan...   Vulkan   24 Sep 2019

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